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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Live blogging Gene Chizik's teleconference

Gene Chizik has arrived. Here's what he has had to say:
  • "It was great to finish up the month of October, which was an extremely difficult month on our schedule."
  • On handling the BCS distractions: "I think our players have done a good job of shielding themselves from outside distractions."
  • Said teh team doesn't decide ahead of time how much Cam Newton will run. "The plans don't always unfold the way you think they will on gameday."
  • On UT-Chattanooga only being able to practice 16 hours a week (APR result): "That basically cuts out a day of practice. I can imagine it's fairly challenging. I don't really have the energy to think about it."
  • On TE Philip Lutzenkirchen: "I don't really have a whole lot of information that will be helpful right now." Said he was "beat up."
  • Auburn gave up a big run early. "I assess everything on how we did after that." Said the defense got the jet sweep under control. "I thought they responded well."
  • On Demond Wasington: "He's got a good feel for it right now. And we're blocking it better. If he hits one of those seams, he's got a chance to go."
  • On the BCS: "I don't really have the energy for it, to be honest with you. Our job is to keep winning."
  • Singled out Demond and Mike Dyer as having a great game. O-line too. Kodi Burns as a blocker on the perimeter.
  • Liked the kickoffs they're getting from Cody Parkey and Wes Byrum.
  • On DB Ryan White playing: "Simply by bodies two weeks ago, we had to have the decision to play him." Didn't want to take the redshirt off. "We were at a place and time where we didn't have a choice."
  • Auburn only brought four cornerbacks to the game. White was No. 4. Antony Morgan is "banged up."
  • Said depth situation is not too different than last year. "This time last year it would have been a walk-on. This year it's a true freshman."
  • On the secondary: "They're fighting. They're battling."
  • Credited Demond's pick at the 2 as a huge momentum shift. "Demond likes the challenges."
  • On yesterday's road Tiger Walk: "It was off the chart."
  • On autograph seekers: "There are going to some that don't have their heart in the right place, but most of them do."
  • Thought DEs Michael Goggans and Corey Lemonier played with great effort.
  • On DE Zach Clayton chasing a running back down for a tackle 25 yards down the field: "Phenomenal. It's unbelievable." Said Clayton still doesn't get enough recognition.
  • Said Jonathan Evans filled in fine for LB Daren Bates. "I didn't think there was a noticeable dropoff."
  • On Newton: "We just have to limit him to handing it off, throwing, running and, now, catching."
  • "This week is about Auburn." Said they're going to look back at the last month and re-evaluate the team.
  • On this week's game against UT-Chattanooga, a lower division team: "We will tell them the expectation is to win. And if we do what we should do in the name of improving as a team, then we should have a chance to win the game."
And that's a wrap.

1 comment:

Acid Reign said...

.....Thanks, Andy. It's strangely quiet on the Auburn front today. Are we already taking number one for granted?