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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

From John Vaughn to Wes Byrum, Auburn's place-kicking fraternity continues

Here's how today's story about kicker Wes Byrum starts:
AUBURN, Ala. — Wes Byrum thought nothing of it. The kick was short, the ball in the middle of the field, the conditions perfect. It was, in the Auburn kicker’s words, an “easy field goal.”

His predecessor, who watched on TV Saturday as Byrum split the uprights with a 24-yarder to beat Kentucky and lift the Tigers to a 6-0 start, respectfully disagreed.

“There’s no such thing as an easy game-winner,” John Vaughn said.

Byrum’s kick, which earned him SEC Special Teams Player of the Week honors, put him that much closer to surpassing Vaughn for all of Auburn’s major kicking records.

The senior has 51 field goals, breaking Vaughn’s mark of 50 set from 2003-06. Byrum already broke Vaughn’s single-season kicker scoring record with 99 points last year, a mark he’s on pace to pass this season.

And with 21 more points, he’ll pass Vaughn as Auburn’s all-time leading scorer.
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Anonymous said...

It's great to see Byrum back and making pressure kicks but the Tigers must be the only team in the SEC that does not have a kicker capable of putting the kick-off in the end zone. Time for GC to have a call for students to try out. We are giving up waaaay to much field position.

Aeronaut said...

I don't think I understand it fully. Byrum has kicked more FGs than Vaughn now. How is Vaughn leading in scores by 21 points?

Anonymous said...

XPs, I would guess, Aero.