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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Live blogging Gene Chizik's teleconference

Gene Chizik has come and gone. Here's what he said:
  • "We obviously feel very fortunate that we were able to win again Saturday. That was a great challenge for our football team."
  • On Ole Miss: "Looking at them in generics, it appears to be the same type of Houston Nutt team every year. They run the football. They're physical up front. ... They'll be ready to play. They have some great athletes on their football team."
  • Chizik on Cam Newton: "I'd have to say that anybody who watches him play knows he's in an elite group."
  • Thinks teams has improved on chemistry, working together to win games since last trip to Mississippi (Starkville in the second week).
  • On probably being No. 1 in the BCS standings: "I can only control how we proceed in this building." Said they just had a team meeting about staying grounded. "It probably sounds to them the same old sad song every Sunday."
  • On not paying attention to records this week: "It's hard to play your best game every week. Fortunately or unfortunately, we haven't played our best game every week."
  • Thought special teams was lacking the other day. Thought team could have put up more points based on the amount of yards it had. Special teams a big factor in that.
  • "There really shouldn't be any reason for them to beat their chest right now anyway."
  • Chizik admits his approach is boring: one day at a time, one play at a time. But he thinks it's effective.
  • Newton is a Heisman guy. Auburn's even promoted it. "Do we have that a guy like that? Absolutely." Said the best thing the coaches can do it put him in a position to continue to be successful.
  • "He's a great football player. That's why he is getting the attention he's getting."
  • On demands on Newton's time: "I think it's really important. ... That's only going to come with him continuing on focus on how to be a good football player."
  • Nick Fairley could get some award conversation too. "I don't think there's any way you could say he isn't. Anybody who watched the game yesterday would have a hard time denying the fact that he's one of the best defensive linemen in the country."
  • Said he's got a rare combination of suddenness and power.
  • He's knocked two quarterbacks out as well. It's the byproduct of pressure and sacks: "Eventually, that starts to build up in their minds."
  • Thought CB Chris Davis did well. Said LB Jonathan Evans "played adequate enough for us to win."
  • No new news on Daren Bates' injury. Said the fact that LB Craig Stevens can play Sam and Will gives team some flexibility.
  • On Dyer moving the pile: "He's one of those guys who can move the pile. His feet never stop. You have to have a running back on your team that can do that."
  • "Everything starts with the offensive line playing much better than it was the beginning of the year. That's what makes it go."
  • On getting the ball inside its own 2-yard line several times: "We could have done a much better job of keeping ourselves out of bad field position. ... It was a special teams nightmare."
  • On the defensive effort: "It's certainly up there with one of the best, for sure."
  • Thought Mike McNeil did well. "I consider him a starter."
  • On Neiko Thorpe, who played with a cast on his hand: "He's playing with an uncomfortable situation. ... It was good to see him bounce back and play well." Said the near pick he had early gave him confidence to go forward in the game.
And that's a wrap.


Tar Heel Tiger said...

and I'll be here listening, back home in NC after a long, but giddy drive home today

Tar Heel Tiger said...

AU-LSwho replay tonight at 9 EDT on CBSCS, or whatever that network is called.

Scott Coats said...

It also replays at 5:00 CDT on CSS

Tar Heel Tiger said...


stupid TWC

Scott Coats said...

Comcast Sports South

Tar Heel Tiger said...

Yes, I know all about CSS. Unfortunately, TWC won't even acknowledge that it exists.

Ryan said...

Andy...it seems like Chizik isn't super happy with the effort yesterday. Do you think this is really the case or is he trying to control expectations?