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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Live chat replay

Good chat today. Went for an hour and a half. Record high for readers. We covered a bunch of Auburn and got off on a Boise State tangent at the end. Read the replay below.


Tar Heel Tiger said...

got about halfway through and was told to stock some more shelves here in the BuyMore. But what I read was some great entertainment, AB.
Thanks for making the replay available.

AUsome04 said...

Just read through the Live Chat. My comments:

I see AB is just like most of the other media types who quickly dismissed our big win over LSU. It was a huge game last week. Now, they can't tackle and they aren't really that good since we dominated them. Of course after most of them picked LSU to win. The same thing happened when we beat SCar. They had the top rushing D in the league when we played them. Then they weren't good either, ...until they waxed bama shutting down Ingram & Richardson in the process. The same with MSU...

Sure, Boise State can line'em up and play with anyone anywhere anytime. But most of these pansie sportswriter types don't consider the attrition they would face in a bigger league. SEC teams kill each other. Our teams aren't the same week to week, let alone at the beginning of the year and the end. Didn't Georgia schedule Boise once? AU just went through a gauntlet of MSU, Clem, SCar, Kent, Ark, then LSU. Does anyone think Bosie would navigate that stretch and still be undefeated?

Andy Bitter said...

Didn't dismiss the win against LSU. Just didn't think LSU was as good as advertised. That offense is terrible.

Also, I never said Boise State would have an easy time in the SEC. Just that to eliminate it from consideration completely based on its conference affiliation is short-sighted. That's why we need a playoff.

MikeP said...

I can tell everybody where Barbee would go. If there's a team he likes with an opening, he'll take it. If not there are always commentator jobs open.
I thought with the building of the arena and Barbee's hiring, Auburn was going to be serious about basketball. It didn't take long for that dream to die.

Ryan said...

Could someone please enlighten me about what is going on with the basketball program? This is the first I have heard of it. If you have a link to a story or something that would be great.

Andy Bitter said...


As you can imagine, there's plenty of speculation about what this whole deal might mean. Not sure how legitimate or serious any of it is.