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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

'Al from Dadeville' bragged he poisoned Toomer's Corner trees on The Paul Finebaum Show

A man who claimed to poison the Toomer's Corner oaks called into The Paul Finebaum Show on Jan. 27 to brag about his deed.

"Al from Dadeville" told Finebaum that he did it in response to Auburn fans putting a Cam Newton jersey on the Paul "Bear" Bryant statue during the Iron Bowl. (Listen to the Finebaum call here.)

"Al" said two weeks later he poisoned the trees at Toomer's Corner, using a herbicide called Spike 80DF, which Auburn police say indeed was used to poison the iconic trees.

"Let me tell you what I did: After the Iron Bowl, I went to Auburn, Ala., because I live 30 miles away, and I poisoned the two Toomer's trees. I put Spike 80 DF on them. They're not dead yet, but they definitely will die."

Finebaum told "Al" that his actions were against the law.

"Do you think I care?" he responded, adding a "Roll Damn Tide" before hanging up.

Auburn University put out a press release Wednesday saying the Toomer's Corner trees were poisoned and are not expected to survive.

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Anonymous said...

I hope they find him, fine him, and JAIL HIM!!! Putting an AU Cam jersey on a statue does not kill or vandalize anything! MORON

DaveMetcalf said...

The sad part is that the guy who did this probably never went to Bama or any other college for that matter. Dumb Ass!

postermom said...

I think he needs to share a cell with some big Auburn fans. And I mean BIG fans.

Polin' said...

Pure sorriness! But I don't think there's any need to get the law involved. I think some resourceful
Auburn folks could probably track this guy down and then let nature take its course.

easyedwin said...

They were seedlings in 1876 !!!

Anonymous said...

What a moron...they will track the call, they know his voice...he's going to J A I L....and he better hope they take him OUT of the state of AL... he would have to do ten thousand community hours with a "Toomers tree killer" sign on and pick up trash and sweep the sidewalks and pick up the toilet paper on toomers if I were the judge. With his DUNCE cap on! (of course with his Tide box and the roll of toilet paper on it)!

Anonymous said...

Pathetic, yet, typical.

Anonymous said...

Never quite understood why my AU friends rolled their own yard but hey go for it.

This act is one of the lowest nature. I do hope that he is caught and suffers the fullest punishment that is available under the law. AU should then sue him to recover the cost associated with this act.

If nothing happens to this fool there will not be a tree alive on either campus in 2 - 3 years.

Anonymous said...

Maybe when they catch the guilty party, - we can hang his corpse from the remains of the trees he poisoned /-=

Anonymous said...

Most of the trash who go around wearing Bama crap never even graduated from high school but for some reason they worship Bear Bryant as their God. If they knew the man I think they would change their minds. Unfortunately, this will brand Bama forever as classless trash.
Plus, all the shows like Paul Finebaum just cause these morons to act on their actions and gives them a place to vent it on the air. He needs to be OFF the air.

Anonymous said...

Amen...Finebaum and that trash heap "Soundoff" on al.com

easyedwin said...

This is America and we have a right to free speech and self incrimination. L O L

Anonymous said...

For Anonymous who doesn't understand why someone would roll their own yard: The School of Forestry @ AU sells baby Toomer's Oak trees to people who plant them in their own yard, and then rolls them in the same tradition as that done @ Toomer's Corner.

They do it because it's fun. The same reason Bmmers get drunk after games. Except that drinking for Bammers sometimes removes the pain of the loss.

SB said...

To postermom: Unfortunately, there will not be Auburn fans in the cell with this guy. I'm sure he will quickly become a celebrated hero among his Bama jailmates.

Anonymous said...

" 'Do you think I care?' he responded, adding a 'Roll Damn Tide' before hanging up. "

He's going to care when they hit him with a charge of Criminal mischief in the first degree, which is a felony punishable by up to ten years in jail.

I hope he serves every day of it.

ExKnightMike said...

He's going to do more than a year of jail time. The EPA is the big gun here. He poured out a controlled substance in a heavily traveled area, and he did it on purpose.

The EPA will shoot for 25 to life. Whether they get it or not will depend on the judge, but Dufus will do some serious time in Atmore.

brian said...

andy,i hope it dosent come to this...i may be way off...maybe we need to cancel our series with bama for a few years to let this calm down.ive been saying for a while that ive never seen it this bad between our fan bases.i am actually almost scared where this might end up.while i am really pissed about this attack,i hope cooler heads prevail and we let the police do their job.thoughts? signed a true blue dye hard au fan,concearned.

kboyett6758 said...

I am a 1980 alum and have attended the last 33 consecutive "Iron Bowls" but always enjoyed the Georgia game more and considered Bama to be an obligation! I could write a book about what I've seen and heard while working with the public during those years. I really wish they would D/C the Bama game and let us end the season with the Dawgs. Finally, when "Al" is sentenced I hope the judge gives him a copy of How the Grinch Stole Christmas and asks him
to read it and advise if Christmas came anyway.

Rebecca said...

I'm a 3rd generation Tiger Fan, and this just sickens me. My heart goes out to all the alums and students living on campus.

I hope he's required to personally pay for the remediation of the soil in Toomer's Corner!

Mike in Austin said...

Well..as a University of Texas Alum, I have no great love for 'Bama and only a little more than that for Auburn.

But this insane type of episode also happened here in Austin when an insane person poisoned 150+ year Treaty Oak, a symbol of this city.

It is obvious that this person is not insane, but rather malicious. I can think of nothing better than to toss him in the pokey with ten to fifteen Auburn exes for about a decade.

He is nothing but swine...and that insults pigs.