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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Report: NCAA investigators asking questions about Auburn's recruitment in Thibodaux, La.

Two NCAA investigators interviewed several people in Thibodaux, La., on Monday about Auburn's recruitment of Greg Robinson and Trovon Reed, according to a report by FoxSports.com Wednesday.

Robinson, an offensive lineman, signed with Auburn in February. Reed, a wide receiver, signed with the Tigers in 2010 and redshirted last season.

The FoxSports.com article said the investigators were looking into the players' involvement with Sean Nelson, who is Reed's legal guardian and, according to the report, took both players on visits to Auburn.

Former Thibodaux coach Dennis Lorio, who resigned after last year, said he spoke for 45 minutes to two NCAA investigators, who asked him if he thought Auburn committed NCAA violations in its recruitment of Robinson.

“I can’t say what Auburn did because I don’t know and I wasn’t involved very much,” Lorio told FoxSports Wednesday. “I really don’t know truthfully.”

“My answer is what went on with Greg’s recruitment, you’re going to have ask Trooper Taylor, Greg, his parents and, I believe, Sean Nelson. I don’t have any more answers because I don’t know.”

Auburn, which did not have a comment, has not received a letter of inquiry from the NCAA about the two players.

NCAA investigators also spoke to Robinson for "a couple of hours," according to Lorio, and Robinson's mother.

Lorio told FoxSports in January that several coaches and students saw Robinson show off cash and a new iPhone at school after making an unofficial visit to Auburn last year.

Prior to the BCS title game, Taylor, who was the primary recruiter for both Reed and Robinson, said he did not give money or items during their recruitment.

Nelson, in past interviews, said he has was not paid by anyone associated with Auburn in relation to Reed and Robinson's recruitment.


Anonymous said...

If Thayer wrote this it's crap. Nothing to see here... Just a butthurt writer who is mad that he was wrong about his Cam smear.

War Eagle AC-47 said...

Okay. With the heightened awareness of NCAA scrutiny because of the Cam spotlight, does anyone really think coaches at Auburn would give a kid money and a cell phone?

If they did, then they should go to jail for criminal stupidity.

jdinmacon said...

Thayer Evans. 'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Sad you keep Thayer Evans alive.

ExKnightMike said...

Another day, another lie from Thayer Evans. The New York Times fired Evans for lying about the Texas program. I guess we'll see how many more lies he gets to tell at Fox before they fire him too.