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Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday links: Looking back at the 'Cam-bine'

Another day of NFL combine links, courtesy of whoever wrote something informational from Indianapolis that I could link to. Without further adieu:
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    • The good: his workout numbers. Newton ran an unofficial 4.58-second 40-yard dash (officially counted as a 4.59), third fastest among quarterbacks. He had a 35-inch vertical jump (third) and a 10-foot, 6-inch broad jump (tied for first). As Tigers fans well know, he's a physical beast.
    • But Newton's throwing day wasn't as good as his training session for the media in San Diego earlier this month. He completed 11 of his 21 throws, overthrowing a few. Even Newton said he was a little frustrated.
    • But onlookers didn't think it was all bad. ESPN's John Clayton wrote that Newton's powerful arm is just what NFL teams are looking for.
    • What did Cam think of his day? Here's video of him talking about it. And if you're into watching the actual drills he did, click here.
    • Nick Fairley arrived and had his turn at the microphone. CBS's Pete Prisco brushes off all the "dirty player" talk and says Fairley is the best player in the draft.
    • A full note about Fairley's day in front of the media by Pro Football Weekly (scroll down). Fairley was adamant that he doesn't take plays off.
    • Some stuff on Fairley in the middle of this Don Banks article from Sports Illustrated. A shoulder injury to his AC joint suffered against Georgia prevented Fairley from bench pressing this weekend. We'll see if he does it at Auburn's Pro Day on March 8. I'd assume he would have to. (Oregon State's Stephen Paea, by the way, repped 225 a combine-record 49 times. Sweet fancy Moses that's a lot.)
    • Thought it was interesting that Fairley measured up at 6-foot-3, 291 pounds. He was listed as 6-5 and over 300 at Auburn.
          • The day's big workout winner for Auburn? Running back Mario Fannin, who clocked a 4.38-second 40-yard dash, second best of the running backs and fourth-best for the weekend so far (defensive backs have yet to run). His time was .05 seconds faster than Ben Tate last year. Fannin, who measured in at 5-10, 231 pounds, also had a 37.5-inch vertical jump. Will it be enough to get Fannin drafted? I'm still skeptical. His fumbling problems are an issue that won't go away. But NFL teams love speed, so this figures to at the very least increase his chances of signing a free agent deal somewhere if he goes undrafted.
          • Did not see a lot out there on Darvin Adams, but SI still listed him as one of the rising receivers. Adams didn't have a great 40 time (mid-4.5s) but did catch the ball well, which is where he'll make his money at the next level.
          • Up today: Fairley and the defensive linemen take the field for drills.


          War Eagle AC-47 said...

          As much as Cam wants to portray himself as calm, cool and collected, I think he was nervous and it affected his passing accuracy. He sailed a few at the A Day game, which was his debut.

          Cam likes being "the man." I don't think he likes auditioning, though. There is an extra layer of stress in that situation. Not only do you have to make all the reads and adjustments, but you have to prove yourself "or else."

          In 14 games he only had one funky day. The BCS game had poor field conditions which seemed to affect footing for both offenses, and production suffered for both teams.

          It's also possible Cam was hurt.

          He will make a team very happy they drafted him once he integrates into their system and establishes himself as one of the guys. He has every attribute required to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

          David said...

          The NFL combine site lists Fairly's height as 6 feet 4 inches and his weight at 291 pounds. I believe he officially measured at 6 feet 3 7/8 inches tall. That's a little better than what is being written by some of the media.

          postermom said...

          Nick finished the UGA game and beat Alabama, won the SEC championship and the national championship, with no drop-off in the intensity of his play, with a separated shoulder?!!? Un. Be. LEAVE. Able. After hearing that, how could he NOT be the number one pick? Anyone who doubts him needs to go back and look at those games and hear Chip Kelly say Nick's the best defensive tackle in the country--they had no way to stop him.

          wallace said...

          Note...nothing but negatives from Bitter and his gang of Fox Sports thugs. Thayer Evans protege.

          Hey win the Heisman, Lombardi, national championship...still, nothing but negatives.

          Now, Bitter will post any positives about Bama on the Auburn site I notice.

          wallace said...

          Bitter, tell us why you wrote that Malzhan had accepted the Vandy job.

          Do you verify your info before publishing or do you just paste whatever comes from Fox Sports without verifying accuracy?

          Justin said...

          I'd say that Georgia, Alabama, and Oregon were Nick's three best games, too. And he was injured?

          The dude just has a God-given ability. I can't wait to watch him in the league.

          Anonymous said...

          You know who else had a really strong arm Jamarcus Russell. Russell couldnt hit the broad side of a barn either. You cant teach accurracy. Thats god given and cam doesnt have it. He cant read receivers either.

          Andy Bitter said...

          Russell was also the laziest player the NFL has seen in quite a while. Don't see any of that in Newton.

          Anonymous said...

          no you dont see that in Newton. Why dont you post an article about him being questioned at the combine about disobeying the coach and running a sneak instead of a kneel in which he had no answer. Or post about how he refers to himself in the third person several times and NFL personell feel he is on the verge of arrogance. But no Bitter you dont see that in Newton either. I wonder why your not a scout....

          Justin said...

          Newton had a completion percentage of 66.1% last year, better than every other quarterback at the combine. He's more accurate than every quarterback there, even the white ones.

          The only thing that Cam Newton has in common with Jamarcus Russell is that he is black, which makes the comparison very, very sad.

          dave said...

          so wallace says bitter is nothing but negatives and mr. anonymous says bitter wont write about the good newton did. please, andy tell which way your are biases so i can tell!

          Andy Bitter said...

          Glad I'm not the only one who notices that.

          Justin said...

          You've got trollers on both sides of the aisle, AB! You've made it.

          (This didn't happen in Virginia, did it?)