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Friday, February 18, 2011

Auburn announces next steps for Toomer's Corner, urges fans not to roll the trees

Auburn University is mapping out a plan to save the Toomer's Corner oaks and is asking fans not to roll the trees.

A task force has been formed that is designed to save the famed trees. It includes experts in horticulture, agronomy, civil engineering, forestry, chemistry and landscape services.

They've asked fans not to walk in the trees' bedding area, which could further damage the trees. Workers have put up a fence around the bedding area and added a tarp to keep rainwater from going into the roots.

A release by the school said soil removal begins early next week, with soil samples being taken to determine the concentration of herbicide at different depths.

Civil engineers will also install small cylinders to monitor the downward spread of the herbicide Spike 80DF.

Further actions will be based on the results of the initial steps.

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easyedwin said...

Without utility cables overhead, the traffic signal poles will be deluged in the future. Everything was rolled, however after the Iron Bowl and National championship victories.

AUBeast said...

This sucks, but it's not the end of the world. Traditionally, just the street signs/traffic signals were decorated with ticker tape from the drugstore. At least those can't be poisoned.