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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Still no letter of intent from OT Cyrus Kouandjio

Auburn has released a list of signing day bios from Wednesday. Offensive tackle Cyrus Kouandjio is not among them.

The No. 1-ranked offensive tackle in the country, who committed to Auburn on ESPNU earlier in the day, is apparently having second thoughts.

Kouandjio, who had Alabama as a finalist, gave an interview to Scout.com shortly after committing to the Tigers. (Watch it here.) He said he didn't decide until the last second.

"The words just came out," Kouandjio said. "It was Alabama or Auburn and Auburn just came out of my mouth."

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Kouandjjio said there was still "doubts in his mind" about his commitment. He's not bound to any school until he sends in his letter of intent.

His brother, Arie, recently finished his freshman year at Alabama, where he is also an offensive tackle.

"As a parent, the best thing would be for him to follow his brother," Kouandjio's father, Jean-Claude, said. "We know about Alabama. We've been there for a visit. ... But we take it serious and try to support him if that's his decision."

Head coach Gene Chizik isn't allowed to mention unsigned players by name. Asked about what his policy is for pursuing recruits after signing day, he opted not to answer.

'"I’m only going to talk about the ones that we’ve got paperwork in and we've signed," Chizik said.


MikeP said...

Obviously, I hope Cyrus is able to convince his parents that Auburn is the best place for him. That aside, Auburn has the #1 O-line class in the nation with or without Cyrus.

I lost more sweat over Gabe Wright. He was critical at a position with no returning starters and very little depth at Auburn. Once Gabe was in I heaved a huge sigh of relief.

All in all, Auburn's best recruiting day ever!
War Eagle!

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of these 'fathers' telling their kids where to go. It's your son's decision, not yours. Stop living vicariously through your kids.

And it might not be worth it to get these kids anyway, because some of these 'fathers' might just be shopping them around.

Andy Bitter said...

Using that logic, though, Cam would have played at MSU last year.

ATCVX said...

Touché, Bitter.....well played

Justin said...

This makes perfectly good sense. The parents have never visited Auburn and don't know much about it, so obviously they've got to talk it out a little.

He needed more time, so he's going to take it. Just because ESPN presents today as this big National Signing Day holiday doesn't mean it's the actual deadline.

K dog said...

Signing day in general has become a circus. Really, it should all be be handled out of the public eye, without all these elaborate shows of hats and puppies. But of course it's the job of ESPN and other media outlets to make a spectacle of it.

The kids should go to the high school fax their LOI's to the school of their choice and be done with it. If they have good parents and high school coaches, they have already discussed their decision thoroughly and made the choice that is right for them.

These public displays and bloggers and FaceBook crazyness and media members pressuring them to one school or the other, is too much for 18 year olds to handle.

If this story is true, I think Cyrus should just go to UAT. Good riddance. Who needs to be associated with a crazy dad like this.