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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cam Newton draws rave reviews after workout

I did not attend Cam Newton's workout in front of the media today. Alas, a trip out to San Diego was not in the cards. But plenty of reputable folks who were in attendance today came away impressed from the quarterback's 45-minute workout at Cathedral Catholic High.

Former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer called Newton's performance "phenomenal." He said, “If scouts saw this they’d have been slobbering," and added this:
"It was really one of the most phenomenal personal workouts I have ever seen. It reinforced everything I had seen on film studying to him this point, but it's even more staggering to see him in person. This is a tremendous physical specimen. He's a dynamic athlete and a beautiful thrower. The thing that took our breath away, you see it on film he's a good thrower, but to see him in person he is so compact. His mechanics are so sound. The ball just jumps off of his hand."
NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon was in attendance and also cam away impressed, according to this tweet by Bryan Fischer of CBSSports.com. Moon said Newton is "going to rise as he goes through the draft process" and could go in the top five.

Newton gave this assessment of his day:
"I felt like I had to come out here and get better. As a whole, one of the things (quarterback coach) George (Whitfield) and I had been working on since I stepped in San Diego is me being on balance, me finishing my throws. Of course, me coming out of a spread offense, there was a concern about me coming from under center, and being fluid."
Whether or not the workout has an impact remains to be seen. NFL scouts were not allowed to attend because it was before the combine, which run from Feb. 24-March 1 in Indianapolis. Matt Bowen of the National Football Post tweeted that an NFL scout told him this workout would have no bearing on his grading process and that the entire event made "no sense."

Newton wasn't sure what he'd do at the combine. Fischer tweeted that Newton said his decision to throw will likely be made "in hotel in Indy."

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postermom said...

Was any video made of it? I'd love to see it. Go Cam!

Anonymous said...

Saw few clips on ESPN and it was the Cam we all know and love. Beautiful motion and right on target....better than the Oregon game.

Anonymous said...

check out why cam is an alien! good blog. http://secfootballnews.wordpress.com/2011/02/10/cam-newton-is-an-alien/