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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday links: Auburn players at the NFL Combine

The blog isn't in Indianapolis, but we like to scour the Internet for stories from folks who are. Here's a sampling of stuff about Auburn's players.

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  • This big show Saturday was Cam Newton, who went through interviews with the media and a few teams. As it is every time Newton talks, everything he said was under the microscope. He clarified his "icon" statement from earlier this month.
  • Watch video of Newton's opening statement at the podium here. (Honestly, sounded kind of wooden. He's better when he's not reading from a piece of paper.)
  • A question about attempting a quarterback sneak instead of just taking a knee at the end of the BCS title game reportedly flustered him.
  • Offensive lineman Lee Ziemba finished up his combine Saturday. Had a tough time finding stuff on how Ziemba fared. Only numbers I saw were on the HABOTN. Ziemba ran a 5.47-second time in the 40-yard dash and had a 7-foot, 11-inch broad jump. The leaders among offensive linemen were 4.97 seconds in the 40 (Nate Solder, Colorado) and 9 feet, 6 inches for the broad jump (Jarriel King, South Carolina).
  • Not sure if you can spot Mario Fannin in this video, but it's pretty funny. Gorilla suit gags never fail to entertain.
  • Big workout opportunity for Newton, Adams and Fannin today, when quarterbacks, receivers and running backs go through drills. Fairley and the defensive linemen take the field Monday.


Anonymous said...

Andy...good selection of links. The most scary thing about the Newton stuff is that so many of these NFL leaders are apparently using comments from ESPN and various bloggers to draw their conclusions about Cam. Comments expressing surprise....like "I was expecting a jerk" or "most mature prospect..." One or more of these so-called professionals is going to make a big mistake and pass on Cam because of what he heard rather than the facts.

Thanks for a good job.

easyedwin said...

What he said and thanks, AB

wallace said...

Andy and his all negative Tiger minimum wage writer. One thing for sure you will always be a low income worker in this small Southern town. Maybe later you can quit and open a bar like Al Who, then peache about family values. Loser Bitter. Give it up,

Andy Bitter said...

Going in so many directions there Wallace that I'm not really sure what you're saying.

How about you sit the next couple plays out.

wallace said...

Yeah, like some pimple faced geek at ESPN or fat , beer belly, non athlete, Thayer Evans knows more about football than the scouts.

Can you imagine making a decision of millions of dollars on what some low wage sports writer says about Cam? I mean if you do you need to find another job.

I know he is a great athlete, but Thayer Evans said he cheated on a test and you know Thayer is the final decision maker of his protege..Any Bitter of Columbus, Ga. Where? You know, Columbus Ga. Where? Who? lol.

Andy Bitter said...

Pretty sure that't the point of the combine. Teams ask their own questions to find out what is information and mis-information before they pay a guy $50 million.

wallace said...

Bitter, you sports writers think too much of yourselves. You interject yourselves where you have no expertice.

They are looking at professional athletes, not interviewing a CEO for a public rellations firm. Athletes are expected to win. Case in point...did Jay Cutler get a break because he was a good guy, intelligent, said the right things...or did he get fan killed because he took himself out of a playoff game with an injury and Chicago lost?

Did his good guy score come in play there? Give me a break about what Cam says...bottom line to fans is win, win win.

Andy Bitter said...

What part of "teams ask their own questions" do you not understand?

And yes, this stuff matters. Cam will be the face of a franchise by whatever team drafts him. PR matters.

You bring up Culter. He was a pouty, malcontent in Denver and it got him run out of town. It was, in the long term, a bad pick by the Broncos, a mistake teams can't afford to make.

wallace said...

Funny...stories about eye gouging on the field with icy hot and other means of cheating are part of NFL history, not this fake ggod guy stuff. Fans who tear the city apart if a basketball player leaves or they win the championship. Dude...we won the super bowl, burn some cars and riot.

wallace said...

Baloney Bitter and you know it. Ever her about Peyton Manning and when he dropped his drawers in front of a female trainer at Tennessee?

Did that affect his performance..his acceptance by fans? Eagles love Vick..if he wins. If not, they will look to his past and say see...

If Manning falls apart it will be because he dropped his pants at Tennessee or he said something arrogant.

Fans like winners and their background emerges when they start to lose. Win and you are a favorite player All is forgiven.

Cam doess not even need to be at this combine ought to tell you he is trying to be honest and proven and not hide like others are doing.

Remember an all pro linebacker said once "they ought to put skirts on quarterbacks" He is in Hall of Fame.

Andy Bitter said...

Eagles fans love Vick, sure. But do you think the Falcons (who were winning, by the way) did a little more research on him before taking him No. 1 and giving him a huge sum of money?

wallace said...

You are correct. Let the teams ask questions. Your take, Thayer the pot belly writers' take, Fox Sports, ESPNs take are all go on a personal vendetta against a college coach becirrelevant.

ESPN has enough on its plate with their letting an employee Craig James use their resources to go on a personal vendetta against a college coach because Jame's son was being demoted. Wish all fathers could get personal air time for personal problems with their kid athlete.

wallace said...

The Fans loved Vick even when they found out. They loved Vick's on field arrogance and his crews tough guy image. The problem was the fans, not pre knowledge, lack of discipline on the team. The coach was the bad guy remember? Not Vick. Remember one coach left and instead of blaming Vick or his crew on the field the fans blamed the coach.

Vick could have stayed on the Falcons and not a word would have been said had the authorities not arrested him. Fans want to win...look at Bama fans...they take losing hard...poison trees, play insulting music. whatever...just win.

wallace said...

Finally, the Faalsons knoew about Vick from college and yes they took him. But again he won and so the coaches remained mum. The fans loved winning and the fans said,,it's just dogs, whats the big deal? It's just trees..whats the big deal?

easyedwin said...

Uhhhh......"that dog won't hunt"

postermom said...

Andy, thanks for posting the videos and stuff I've had a hard time finding. As far as I can tell, our TV doesn't have an NFL channel, and ESPN has been nothing but basketball and bowling.

Andy Bitter said...

You can watch the combine stuff online. Copy and past this link in a browser:


gerry said...

Andy..Have you seen the Jerrell Harris Packet everyone is talking about today?

MikeP said...

Thanks, Andy. Good stuff as always. I would take exception to a comment by the Panthers beat writer: "(Newton)left school amid allegations of academic fraud."

He did not. That Thayer Evans fantasy was debunked shortly after he wrote it. Three reputable media outlets, The Houston Chronicle, The Gainesville Sun and Yahoo Sports.com all ran stories refuting Evan's tale of Cam Newton cheating at Florida.

I have the links saved, if anyone missed those outlets making a fool out of Evans. Gee, those other guys even had sources that had real names and jobs and stuff, unlike Thayer Evans' single, unnamed source.

wallace said...

Don't be discrediting Thayer...that's Bitter's boy.

Sports journalists regularly lie, embellish, never check cources and present rumor as fact, never qualify their statements such as it is a rumor, or unsubstantiated rumor...they just say it like it is a fact.

Then dumb NFL team decision makers think it is the truth.