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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scenes from Toomer's Corner tonight

Had a chance to go down to Toomer's Corner this evening. There was a small group of students-- probably 40 or 50 -- who had gathered in the wake of news that someone had poisoned Auburn's iconic oak trees downtown.

Matt McMullen, a 15-year-old sophomore at Auburn High School, held a sign that said "Honk for the tree." A steady stream of passing motorist obliged.

"It's just like Auburn's greatest tradition that we have," he said. "I have little siblings that haven't been able to come out and roll the tree and I guess they'll never get to now because they've been poisoned and they're going to die."

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McMullen, who said he's definitely attending Auburn, found it hard to believe that someone would stoop to this level.

"The AU family is just so supportive of everything Auburn does," he said. "I don't think that we'll retaliate back against Alabama. It's just so much more class for us as Auburn fans. Because for an Alabama person to come out here and just poison our trees just because we won a football game, which is a big deal in Auburn, but it's crossing the line to kill such a big Auburn tradition."

Auburn fans starting leaving items at the base of one of the trees, including some roses and a "Get Well Soon" roll of toilet paper.
Stopped by one more time to see what it look like later:


CHB said...

Thanks Andy.

Anonymous said...

So, So, sad. I took my children as babies and hoped their own children would join the tradition. Praying the trees can be saved.

Anonymous said...

boo freaking hoo. hope this isn't the last of auburn's football season to die.

Zulfi said...

it's a different culture, you need to know this essentially. how?

Dawn said...

Broken hearted over such a senseless act of mean-spiritedness. But you know, our spirit will prevail. I humbly ask God to bless the person who did this and heal his heart. We are Auburn family and we will always be All In!

ExKnightMike said...

This dumbo will be caught,the way he's gone at it is way past stupid. When the EPA gets done with him he'll wish he'd been turned over to a mob of Auburn students instead. Those people will push for 25 to life in court, and they'll probably get it.

As for anonymous #2, no part of Auburn's season has or will die. We'll just keep on whippin' lesser teams and rolling the telephone poles after the future wins.

Anonymous said...

Boo freakin hoo! Ya'll don't know what tradition is in that cow pasture town, get over it. Trees are killed every day. Only dumb redneck Auburn fans would roll a tree after a victory, you don't see any other school doing something that stupid.

easyedwin said...

The trees can, and probably will be replaced. It will take a herculean effort though. The contaminated soil will have to be removed and properly disposed of. The new trees will not be 135 years old, nor will they be as full a canopy.

Perhaps Anonymous is in fact Al from Dadeville. The hate in his post is obviously manifest.

Anonymous said...

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