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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Auburn wraps up largely procedural scrimmage

Auburn went through a short, largely procedural scrimmage Saturday morning, working on different situations that might come up throughout a game. There were a lot of two-minute situations and plenty of special teams work.

"I think we got accomplished what we wanted to get accomplished," head coach Gene Chizik said. "We're really going to have good film on what we didn't do well. It was very apparent out there that there was a lot that we weren't doing well. But I think we got out of today what we wanted."

Here are some quick notes before I start delving into interview transcripts ...
  • This scrimmage was less physical than the previous two. The team didn't tackle to the ground, instead simply wrapping up ballcarriers.
  • Some coaches were in the booth while other were on the field so the team could work on communication.
  • Chris Todd got most of the reps today. Tyrik Rollison said he and Neil Caudle got mostly "mental reps."
  • Chizk said the depth chart is about 90 percent settled. He did not say what is still unsettled, although we can make some pretty good guesses (backup QB, starting safety).
  • I'll have a more detailed report in a little bit.

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