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Friday, August 14, 2009

Former OC Franklin pleased for Todd

Saw this story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution by Tony Barnhart, who got former Auburn offensive coordinator Tony Franklin's take on the Tigers quarterback situation. As you would guess, Franklin is thrilled for Todd, who ran Franklin's system in high school, was set to join him to Troy and eventually followed him to Auburn.

Here's what Franklin had to say about the situation:

“There are very few people who really know how much that kid went through last year,” said Franklin, the former offensive coordinator at Auburn who now holds the same job at Middle Tennessee. “We talked last night and I told him I was more proud of him than any other football player I’ve coached. A lot of people in his situation would have quit and moved on.”

Franklin, who was fired midway through last season, thinks Todd is going to be a good fit for Gus Malzahn's offense, which emphasizes the run more than the Franklin's offense did.

“I like the offensive staff that Auburn has put together and they are going to have a good year if they stay patient with Chris,” said Franklin.

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