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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Observations from Auburn's first practice

We in the media were fortunate enough to get a glimpse of about 15 minutes of practice this afternoon and we'll get another look for about 10 minutes at the end of practice.

In the meantime, here are some early observations:
  • WR Philip Pierre-Louis was not on the roster supplied by Auburn sports information. There was a lot of speculation this summer about the receiver's status with the team. We hope to get more clarification on the subject (but we're not holding our breaths) from Gene Chizik after practice today. Pierre-Louis, as most know, tore his ACL on the first play of last season and missed the rest of the year.
  • Also conspicuously absent from the roster: walk-on TB Justin Albert. Strange, since it seemed like Albert had solid spring.
  • DL Cameron Henderson, whose roster status was scrutinized all summer, is on the roster but was not on the field when we were out there.
  • QB Barrett Trotter (ACL) and WR Tim Hawthorne (broken foot) did not have helmets with them and were watching from the sidelines. S Mike McNeil was wearing his helmet but did not participate in any drills.
  • It was an interesting separation of players today. It seemed like the veterans were on the main fields practicing, while the majority of newcomers were in the indoor facility working with strength coach Kevin Yoxall. There were some notable exceptions: WR DeAngelo Benton and Emory Blake, TE Philip Lutzenkirchen and DT Nick Fairley were on the field practicing with the vets. Want a good bet of which newcomers will play this year? Those four have the best odds.
  • Chizik was dressed down from what we normally see him, wearing shorts on the practice field. He was very hands-on with his approach, going through a lengthy technique breakdown with members of the secondary at one point.
  • The only two quarterbacks out there today were Neil Caudle and Kodi Burns. Don't know what this means, exactly. (Some might have summer school finals, for example.) We'll get another chance to go out there and see if anybody else is on the field.


ron mexico said...

Sending the newcomers in with yoxall seems stupid to me. Don't they have the rest of august to workout with yoxall? They could at least go out there and practice with the coaches and get a clue of what's going on and get some reps.

Chaz said...

@ron, the practice was split into two sections, the newcomers had the coaches all to themselves the second half of practice as the others went inside. And this article is wrong about only two QB's throwing passes, on rivals they have video of both halves of practice, in the second half both rollinson and todd were throwing passes

Andy Bitter said...

To clarify, this post is not wrong. It was put up after the first part of practice, during which only Caudle and Burns were on the field.

If you read today's article I had in the newspaper (there's a link on the next post), it mentions the fact that Chris Todd, Tyrik Rollison and Clint Moseley threw passes during the second session.

Chaz said...

@ Andy, alright, well i don't read the newspaper so i wouldn't know, but i was just letting anyone who read it know that the others also got reps in the second half, my bad man.