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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Early practice notes: Tigers go 11-on-11

We had the chance to view about 25 minutes worth of practice today and saw a little bit more than we normally get to see. There was about a five-minute period where the team went 11-on-11, with the ones matching up against the ones and the twos against the twos in full pads.

Although you can't read much into it, here's some observations from that brief period (also, follow the blog on Twitter for instant updates):
  • QB Chris Todd completed all four of his passes.
  • DE Antonio Coleman got to Todd at least twice. They didn't whistle anything dead, but Coleman clearly got a hand on Todd (they weren't live).
  • LB Wade Christopher, a walk-on, worked with the ones at weak-side linebacker.
  • S Daren Bates, a freshman, was with the first unit. So was DL Nick Fairley for at least a portion of it. He worked at end.
  • Freshman OL John Sullen ran some with the first team at right guard.
  • WR Kodi Burns was with the ones. They threw a WR screen pass to him for a small gain.
  • QB Neil Caudle threw a pick with the second team, but it didn't appear to be his fault. It went right through the wide receiver Travante Stallworth's hands.
And some other non-11-on-11 drill observations ...
  • LB Eltoro Freeman looked like he was closer to a return, but he still did not participate in drills during the portion we saw. He did not have the cast on his right wrist, although Gene Chizik said he was bothered by a hamstring problem.
  • Freshman QB Tyrik Rollison was not at practice. Don't know if that means anything at all.
  • RB Eric Smith was not at practice. He hasn't been since his arrest last Friday.
  • Injured DB Aairon Savage was at practice and appeared to be in good spirits. His left foot was in a boot.
  • Today's group at Muscle Beach was small: LB Joey Caldwell, OL Darrell Roseman, OL A.J. Greene and LB Jonathan Evans.
  • TE Robert Cooper was not dressed out. Neither was LB Spencer Pybus.
  • RG Byron Isom was back at practice after missing some days with an unknown injury last week, but he still gave way to Sullen during a few drills.
  • OL Rudy Odom wasn't out there and is not on the roster. We'll ask Chizik about that tonight.
  • There weres ome rumors out there about Burns returning punts. We saw a No. 18 out there doing some punt return work, but it was not Burns. We think, THINK, it was wide receiver Montez Billings wearing a scout team jersey.

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