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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Early notes: Four freshmen WR could play

We just finished some late morning/early afternoon interviews. Here are a few things that came out of it:
  • Wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor said he was very impressed with the play from four freshman receivers -- DeAngelo Benton, Emory Blake, Travante Stallworth and Anthony Gulley -- adding that they might all get on the field this year.
  • Not too much to report on the quarterback front, which remains as confusing as ever. Neil Caudle stopped by today, telling us that he led two drives in the scrimmage, one that went three-and-out, the other ending in an interception. One interesting bit of news came out of today's interviews: Kodi Burns worked as a Wildcat quarterback when the team practiced that formation today. That would be an interesting wrinkle in the race, huh?
  • Back to receivers, Taylor said it's a possibility that with the emergence of the freshmen, he might consider redshirting some veteran players. He declined to name names, but sophomore Derek Winter is really the only candidate.
  • Trooper said Quindarius Carr remains a factor because he plays all three positions. It doesn't sound like he's making many plays, though.
  • He was also very high on Darvin Adams' performance from the scrimmage.
  • Safeties coach Tommy Thigpen had great things to say about freshman safety Daren Bates, who caused a fumble and made an interception. It's all the more impressive considering Bates wasn't approved by the NCAA Clearinghouse until Thursday, joining the team on Friday. So does that mean he might play early? "If he do what he did yesterday, you can't keep a guy like that off the field," Thigpen said.
  • Thigpen also complimented Mike Slade for his play in the scrimmage.
  • Thigpen confirmed that converted cornerback D'Antonie Hood is out with an injury right now, although he didn't make it sound serious.
  • I'll have more once I type up some of these interviews. Plus, Auburn has more interviews set up after tonight's practice, so check back later.

1 comment:

ron mexico said...

I was thinking about writing something about kodi burns being the wildcat guy the other day. He is one of the better downhill runners on te team. My guess is that malzahn wants his quarterback to throw somewhat accurately, but is intrigued by burn's feet. Chris todd seems like the guy but i don't see how they can bench burn's the whole game. They are probably just figuring out how to tell the fan base that both quarterbacks will play without us simultaneously vomiting when we hear the news. Flashes of tony franklin and his "best problem he's ever had in his life," by having two quarterbacks might be a little more than we can handle.