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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Early Friday notes: Todd works in first session

We witnessed about 20 minutes worth of practice this evening. Here are some observations:
  • Auburn split its team up for the third straight day. Chris Todd worked with Kodi Burns at quarterback in the first group. Neil Caudle had been out there with Burns in the first session the first two days. What does this mean? No clue. Head coach Gene Chizik has told us not to read anything into it, although it's peculiar that all the projected starters are out there with the first group, isn't it?
  • It was a very small sample, but Todd didn't look as crisp throwing some mid-range passes today. A few got away from him and were off target. Again, take that for what it's worth. We only saw him let a few fly.
  • Today's newcomer who joined the first session was DL Nosa Eguae. Coaches and veteran players have been very high of the freshman so far this year.
  • Three new additions to the roster -- WR Ralph Spry (a Minnesota transfer who is not eligible to play this year), DB Woody Parramore and S Daren Bates, who has qualified.
  • DT Mike Blanc didn't have the wrap on his left hand today. He didn't participate in drills, though. I can't imagine it's anything too serious.
  • Wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor did the drill with his players where they caught a pass on the run and he swung a big blocking pad like a baseball bat and clubbed them. "I promise you, you will not be soft," he said. "If I see you flinch, you're done." It's an entertaining drill, although Trooper appeared to catch Darvin Adams on the hand awkwardly. The sophomore slowly walked to the trainer while shaking his hand. It looked like he just jammed a finger. After getting it taped, he went back to doing drills.
  • S Mike McNeil wasn't wearing a shell today, but he did help out with a drill. The junior lined up on the sideline with a cornerback across from him. He simulated a receiver getting off the line of scrimmage, coming out of a stance and making a move on the defensive back. Again, it's not a huge deal, but for a guy who broke his leg last spring, the fact that he's doing anything like that is noteworthy.

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