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Friday, August 14, 2009

Bright and early practice notes: Eltoro still out

OK, it's bright and early by sportswriter standards. We just stood out at practice for an extremely hot 25 minutes and made a few observations. Here they are:
  • LB Eltoro Freeman had a bulkier cast on his right hand Friday and still did not participate. He was wearing an orange, non-contact jersey as well.
  • Two Auburn football celebrity sightings today: Bo Jackson was back at practice for a second straight day. So was former All-SEC lineman Kendall Simmons, who was released by the Pittsburgh Steelers last February after tearing his Achilles' tendon.
  • Two new non-participants: DL Zach Clayton and DL Derrick Lykes. Neither appeared to have any braces on their legs or anything, so we don't really know what's going on there.
  • Two players also came back from Yox's Muscle Beach: DB T'Sharvan Bell and LB Harris Gaston both participated in practice.
  • DE Dee Ford, who wore an orange, non-contact jersey Thursday, was back wearing white today.
  • Full pads today for the Tigers. And as I mentioned before, it was HOT out there. Can't imagine that was very fun.
  • Same QB drills as yesterday, with Kodi Burns taking passes from the JUGS machine. Interestingly, though, before the team stretched when we first came out there, Burns was working with the QBs in a drill. Perhaps Auburn doesn't want to completely close the book on Burns as a quarterback.
  • Wes Byrum went 7-for-8 in the post-stretching field goal drill, missing his seventh try. On the final one, his teammates crowded in and did a soccer cheer to throw him off, chanting, "O-leeeeeeeeee, ole, ole, oleeeeeeeee! O-leeeeeeeeee! O-leeeeeeeeee!" He still made it.
  • OL Jared Cooper and Andrew Parmer took on a primary role in the personal protector punt formation, standing in the middle of the three blockers who are back from the line and shouting out instructions to the entire unit.
  • Your punt returners during today's drill: Mario Fannin, Anthony Gulley, Montez Billings and Quindarius Carr.

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