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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Auburn-Louisiana Tech pre-game

Welcome to the all-encompassing pre-game post. I'll be updating things here leading up to the game, so be sure to check back.

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  • DE Nosa Eguae showed up to the stadium wearing a protective boot on his right foot. That's not going to help Auburn's depth at defensive end, where freshman Dee Ford is the only other player listed on the two-deep. I imagine Zac Clayton and Nick Fairley will see some time there as backups to Antonio Coleman and Michael Goggans.
  • Head coach Gene Chizik got very animated trying to get the Tiger Walk crowd pumped up as he came into the stadium. This is a big day for him and it looks like he knows it.
  • There's some rain a-comin'. We'll see if -- make that when -- it gets here. (Update: Check that. It's kind of moving Northeast. Maybe it will miss the stadium.)
  • As you might have noticed from the picture, Auburn went with an orange AU logo. Last year, it was blue.
  • Looks like Auburn coaches will be wearing orange on the sideline today. Wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor is out there in an orange windbreaker right now.
  • Kodi Burns is out working with the quarterbacks in the pre-game. Only four are dressed -- Burns, Chris Todd, Neil Caudle and Tyrik Rollison. Looks like Clint Moseley will be redshirting, as if we didn't know that already.
  • WR Darvin Adams is dressed out. We've been hearing he might not play. We'll see.
  • Don't know what this means, but we have not seen LB Eltoro Freeman out there stretching with the team in the pre-game.
  • UPDATE: Eguae definitely not playing. He's not dressed out. Still wearing a protective boot.
  • LB Adam Herring working with the first group on defense during warmups in Freeman's place. UPDATE: Herring just announced as the starter.
  • Nice round of applause for quarterback Chris Todd in the pre-game. It sounds like Auburn fans are coming around on him.
  • Adams announced as starter at WR along with Terrell Zachery and Tommy Trott.
  • Wow, quite the War Eagle. Spirit flew around for at least 40 seconds before going through the goal posts and to midfield. Best one I've seen yet.

1 comment:

ron mexico said...

it's not good to start a season off with Dee Ford as the only guy at DE on the two deep going into the first game... coleman, bynes or ziemba gets hurt and it might be a long season