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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday links (9/29)

It's Tuesday, a day full of Auburn information, but I'm not going to bypass the links. Here they are ...
  • Dave Hooker of the Knoxville News Sentinel writes a story about Auburn wide receivers coach, a former Tennessee assistant coach. Here's a tidbit Tigers fans might find interesting about the presumably upwardly mobile coach:
  • “They’ve changed a little bit,” Taylor said of his priorities. “Now I’m at the point to where I want to make sure I’m not moving my kids around in high school so I want to be established at a place for the next four or five years where they can set their roots.”
  • Suspended Alabama linebacker Jerrell Harris could make it back by Week 7 for the Crimson Tide, writes Michael Casagrande of the Decatur Daily. That could be big for a defense that just lost Dont'a Hightower for the year.
  • Georgia's offensive line was supposed to be a strength this year. Instead, it's been inconsistent, writes David Hale of the Macon Telegraph.
  • Dan Mullen's not a second-guesser, writes Kyle Veazey of the Clarion Ledger. The Bulldogs coach is a first-guesser and wouldn't have called his goal line plays any differently against LSU. Me? I would have run it straight up the middle four times. But what do I know other than running a highly successful dynasty on NCAA '10 on the PlayStation 3.
  • Texas Tech coach Mike Leach has banned his players from using Twitter after one of them commented about waiting for a late-arriving Leach at a meeting. Bet if it had been about pirates, Leach wouldn't have minded.
  • New York Times "On Language" columnist William Safire died at the age of 79 Sunday. He obviously had an effect on journalists across the country for his attention to the English language, which prompted one of the better briefs ever by The Onion.


jdinmacon said...

This makes eating lunch in my office WAY better.

jdinmacon said...

Just another example of why this season has been crazy thus far: You mentioned Todd and Heisman in the same sentence.

Todd's numbers if he continues at his current averages per game:

3289 yards, 36 TD's

Only one guy threw for more than 3000 yds in the SEC last year - Stafford.

I'm not saying he'll end up with that, especially with the meat of the SEC schedule now here - and he's not really Heisman material, but if he ends up anywhere near 3000 yds he gets my vote for Comeback Player of All Time for sure.