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Friday, September 11, 2009

Lunchtime lnks: Friday edition (9/11)

There's been some debate about the validity of the name Lunchtime Links. I usually try to post it from 11:30 a.m. ET, which is an hour earlier in the Central Time. That's a little early for lunch, but I've got to cater to two time zones.

Solution: If you'd like, you can call it the Brunchtime Links.

Anyway, here are today's links (and follow the blog on Twitter) ...
  • MSU wide receiver Brandon McCrae suffered a Tyrone Prothro-type injury last year, Amazingly, he's back on the field this year, writes Paul Gattis of the Huntsville Times. How, you ask? It might have been a sock that he was wearing that prevented infection.
  • Chris Low of ESPN.com drops some Did You Know? knowledge on us. Did you know that Auburn has won 50 consecutive games when scoring 30 or more points, dating back to a 56-49 four-overtime loss to Georgia in 1996. It's in there.
  • On that front, Boise State still isn't letting the sucker-punched Byron Hout talk about what transpired that night. Seems like he should come forward to say something. He wasn't quite the innocent party everyone's making him out to be in this incident. (Of course, that doesn't mean he deserved to be punched.)

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