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Thursday, September 24, 2009

New video: Chizik, Trooper, Luper and Rocker

Sorry about the technical problems we had with the chat earlier. We'll have those corrected by the time next week rolls around. I'm sure everyone will have plenty of questions leading up to the Tennessee game.

Please accept this video instead. It's from interviews Wednesday night with head coach Gene Chizik, wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor, running backs coach Curtis Luper and defensive line coach Tracy Rocker. Enjoy.


Aeronaut said...

Thanks for the video, Andy. It's fun to hear the assistants talk.

Have you seen the assistants get this much exposure previously, or currently at any other program?

Andy Bitter said...

At my previous stop (Virginia), Al Groh wouldn't let assistants talk to the media. He's of the Parcells, Belichick, Saban mold that way. So no, I haven't seen assistants being given this kind of latitude to speak with the media before.

AUsome04 said...

Stop it Andy. If you add video to your reporting you'll really smack some of those Alabama sportswriters up side the head. Your writing plus a Trooper Taylor video,... wow.

Chizik's a good coach but not much for reporters. Actually kinda boring. Couldn't it be that some of the beat writers seek out the assistants somewhat for more coverage? Coach Troop has some good one-liners.

Andy Bitter said...

I'd say that's true. The assistants are a lot more interesting and know more about their individual players.