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Monday, September 7, 2009

Auburn's coaching contracts are official

And probably have been for a while. But they were just released to the public today. Here are the finer points of Gene Chizik's contract.
  • He'll be paid $1.9 million annually, with a base salary of $500,000, $700,000 for personal endorsement rights and $700,000 for radio/TV/Internet appearance fees.
  • The contract runs from Dec. 15, 2008 through Dec. 31, 2013.
  • Salary increases and terms for an extension on the contract will be based on four primary areas:
  • Academic success of student-athletes as indicated in party by compliance with NCAA and SEC academic progress requirements.
  • Competitive success
  • Compliance with university, SEC, NCAA and other rules and regulations
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • He can get bonuses for several reasons:
  • For each year the team's Academic Progress Rate meets or exceeds .930 he'll get $25,000
  • For each year the team's APR meets or exceeds .950 he'll get an additional $50,000
  • For each year the team's APR meets a rate of 1.0000, he'll get an additional $75,000 (so if he meets this, he'll get $150,000 total dollars.
  • He can also get victory bonuses (only one per year):
  • 10 victories: $75,000
  • 11 victories: $100,000
  • 12 victories: $125,000
  • 13 victories: $150,000
  • 14 victories: $200,000
  • Playing in the SEC championship game: $100,000
  • Winning the SEC championship game: $200,000
  • Playing in a BCS bowl game: $50,000
  • Playing in a non-BCS bowl game: $50,000
  • Finishes in the Top 5 nationally in the AP or USA Today poll at end of season: $100,000
  • SEC Coach of the Year: $100,000
  • National Coach of the Year: $100,000
  • Winning the national championship: $500,000
  • Auburn will give him the use of two automobiles.
  • He can also get money from football camps, speaking engagements and equipment and apparel endorsements.
  • If Auburn fires Chizik without cause, he is owed $500,000 for each year remaining on the contract. If Chizik leaves voluntarily, he would owe the base salary for the remainder of his contract.
  • Chizik acknowledged that Auburn loaned him $750,000 to satisfy his buyout clause from Iowa State. The debt will be forgiven by $150,000 a year until it is paid back. If Chizik fulfills the full five-year term of his contract, he'll owe Auburn nothing. If Chizik is fired for cause or leaves the program prior to the repayment of the loan, Chizik would be responsible for paying Auburn the remainder. If he is fired without cause, he would owe nothing.
  • It was signed by all parties on June, 11, 2009.
Here are the annual base salaries of the other coaches on the staff:
  • Defensive coordinator Ted Roof: $370,000 (three years)
  • Offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn: $350,000 (three years)
  • Wide receivers coach/assistant head coach Trooper Taylor: $320,000 (three years)
  • Offensive line coach Tracy Rocker: $300,000 (two years)
  • Offensive line coach Jeff Grimes: $290,000 (two years)
  • Running backs coach/recruiting coordinator Curtis Luper: $260,000 (two years)
  • Safeties coach Tommy Thigpen: $250,000 (two years)
  • Cornerbacks coach Phillip Lolley: $210,000 (two years)
  • Special teams coordinator Jay Boulware: $210,000 (two years)
That's $2.56 million a year as a staff.

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