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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gene Chizik teleconference, the quick version

We just finished speaking with head coach Gene Chizik. Here are some of his major points:
  • DL Cam Henderson WILL NOT play this year. Chizik said that was at his discretion. Henderson has not played this year and has not been on the sidelines.
  • He also said there is a chance WR Philip Pierre-Louis could play this season.
  • Chizik said it won't be hard to keep RB Onterio McCalebb from getting big-headed.
  • "He's a very humble kid," Chizik said. "We don't need to temper that at all with him. He's just not like that."
  • Chizik on special teams: "I'm never into excuses. We're just not playing well."
  • TE Tommy Trott is day-to-day after injuring his right knee late in the game. AuburnUndercover.com is reporting that Trott has an apparent MCL sprain. Trott had surgery on his left knee last offseason.
  • Chizik thinks the offensive line has been the key to the start of the season. "They're just getting it," he said. That line, by the way, is clearing the way for the second best rushing offense in the country to Air Force. The Tigers also haven't allowed a sack in two games this year.
  • I'll have a more comprehensive summary of Chizik's remarks a little later.

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