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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tiger Walk nixed by Tennessee athletic officials

We just got this update from Auburn sports information about the Tiger Walk outside of Neyland Stadium in Tennessee this Saturday:
"Officials at the University of Tennessee have informed Auburn Athletics that Tiger fans will be allowed to greet the team as they get off the bus, but that the band and cheerleaders may not participate because of safety and crowding concerns in the visiting team drop-off area, which is on a hill in a very tight space."
In a story by Austin Ward of the Knoxville News Sentinel, a Tennessee spokesman gave an explanation.
"In 2004 when the Tigers played here, we had approximately 5,000 fans show up with the band and the cheerleaders, which was a great atmosphere, but a huge safety issue for the student-athletes, band and cheerleaders and fans because of the tight space.

"If something had happened to a fan in that area, EMT would not have been able to respond because of the crowd size."

1 comment:

John G. said...

Guess we'll have to have in the stadium just like we did last time we were there.

War Eagle