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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chizik's deal guarantees him $1.9M a year, more with bonuses

I wrote a story for today's paper about Gene Chizik's contract being released. Here's how it starts.

AUBURN, Ala. — Gene Chizik is guaranteed to make $1.9 million annually as Auburn’s head coach, but he stands to make a lot more if he is successful.

Auburn released the contracts of Chizik and all nine of the Tigers’ assistant coaches Monday. In all, the staff will make $4.46 million this year before bonuses.

Chizik’s five-year deal runs through Dec. 31, 2013 and will pay him $500,000 in base salary, $700,000 for personal endorsement rights and $700,000 for radio/Internet/TV appearance fees.

His predecessor, Tommy Tuberville made $2.825 million last year.

But if Auburn achieves success on the field and in the classroom, Chizik can make as much as $1.5 million more in bonuses.

Although most of this information has been covered on the blog, you can read the rest of the story here. The article also has a link to a PDF of the actual contract if you feel like reading it yourself.

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