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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gene Chizik teleconference, the short version

We just finished listening to Gene Chizik speak at his Sunday teleconference. Here are a few quick hits of what he said:
  • On the team's 54-30 win against Ball State: "I just felt like it was a sloppy game. I thought we were sleepwalking at the beginning."
  • He wasn't a big fan of the nine penalties for 86 yards.
  • He later clarified: "I'm never displeased with a win. I just thought we could have played with more focus."
  • Yes, Gabe McKenzie played on both sides of the ball last week. Chizik still wasn't sure what his role would be with the team. He has played both tight end and defensive end.
  • With Byron Isom suspended indefinitely, John Sullen will be an option. The team could also use Bart Eddins and Jared Cooper.
  • Yes, that was DT Jamar Travis who caught a kickoff late in the game. And yes, he burned his redshirt to do so. OL Andre Harris also played for the first time, doing so at tackle late in the game.
  • Chizik doesn't think there is anything much he can do to prepare the team to go into a hostile environment like Tennessee (ie. pumping music into the loudspeakers during practice to simulate crowd noise). He said it's more something you have to experience as a player. He also said Auburn has silent signals on offense to help communicate when it gets loud.
  • When asked if he's looking at punt returners again this week, Chizik rolled his eyes and shook his head: "I don't want to. I don't want to see any of them." He sounded pretty exasperated when talking about the group, disappointed that they put so much time into it and nobody can catch the ball.
  • Asked who else he'd be looking at Chizik joked that he would try his son, who is 9, and Travis, a defensive tackle who caught a kickoff twice, once on the initial flight and once after it bounced in the air a little bit.
  • Chizik thinks the 2004 game at Tennessee, the last time Auburn played in Knoxville, was a sign that the Tigers could be pretty good that year. The Tigers won 34-10.
  • I'll be back with a more comprehensive post later.

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