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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lunchtime links: Tuesday edition (9/15)

Got off to a late start today, so the links will be brief this morning:
  • Jerry Hinnen over at the War Eagle Reader is doing a weekly schedule stock watch, just so Auburn fans can know how worried to get about future opponents. I wish I had thought of this idea. Instead I'll just link to it.
  • It cost Georgia $6,000 to fly quarterback Joe Cox to Oklahoma State separately from the team for the season opener when the senior had the flu, writes Marc Weiszer of the Athens Banner-Herald. I wonder if he had to pay extra to check his bags?
  • Cleveland Plain Dealer AP voter Doug Lesmerises' ballot continues to gain a lot of interest for his bizarre way of ranking teams (for instance, BYU No. 3 and Houston No. 4). Hey, at least he has a system for doing his rankings, going by how teams have fared in actual games this year, instead of taking some pre-determined order and moving teams up and down based on whether other teams around them win or lose. Hey, BYU or Houston might run the table and make Lesmerises look very smart by the end of the year. As for Michigan being No 6, though ... eesh.


Mike said...

Last week the Saragin rankings had Auburn at 24. Not sure how his (PAC-10 biased) computer program dropped Auburn 15 spots after beating a conference foe by 25 points...

Andy Bitter said...

I don't think computers can have biases. I would say there's not enough data to have a ranking solidified by the second week of the season.