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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Auburn still No. 2 in BCS rankings behind Oregon

Auburn remained No. 2 behind Oregon in the latest BCS rankings, which were released Sunday night.

The Tigers trail the Ducks by .0066 in the rankings. Last week that gap was .0027.

TCU, Boise State and LSU round out the top five.

The gap between Auburn and TCU more than doubled, from .0352 last week to .0721 this week. The top two teams at the end of the regular season meet in the BCS championship game.

Auburn solidified its No. 2 ranking in all the major polls. The Tigers gained 10 first-place votes in the Associated Press poll, two in the USA Today coaches' poll and 28 in the Harris Interactive poll. The latter two are used in the BCS rankings.

Auburn remained No. 1 in the computer rankings.


Anonymous said...

Auburn will crush Oregon if they play them...

Clint Richardson said...

I dont understand how the gap doubled when we gained most of Oregon's first place votes.

Andy Bitter said...

Oregon's computer numbers have continued to move up.

Now No. 2. Was No. 3 last week.

Brad A said...

How many ranked teams has Oregon played? With Auburn having beaten 4 ranked teams, and a two more now on the schedule, should Auburn win out I have to believe they'd be #1 going into the NCG. I just baffled at how the human polls are enough to keep them #1, all though I have no problem being #2 until mid January.

Clint Richardson said...

I really don't want to be #1, too much pressure on everyone; fans, coaches, players, AD... I'm not bitter at being #2, it just shocked me that we gained so many #1 votes, and the gap doubled to first. I understand the computers and all, but do #1 votes not count for a lot? AB, is a 0.006 margin really that small? And is a 0.356 really that big?

Bret Moore said...

Wish I could have watched the Cal-Oregon game to see how Cal's D did it, but I really don't think AU will "crush" Ore. I think we'd be very lucky to get a W, from the games I've seen.

That said, their D is a little undersized and we run 90% of the time so maybe we would just steamroll them, I dunno. I would feel much better about our D playing a pro-style run-first O, than a spread-option, Heisman candidate run-first O. We don't do well with speed guys.