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Monday, November 15, 2010

Cam Newton, Mike Berry earn SEC honors

After being shut out for a week, Auburn got back in the SEC award mix Monday.

Quarterback Cam Newton earned SEC co-Offensive Player of the Week honors after Auburn's 49-31 win against Georgia, while left guard Mike Berry was tabbed Offensive Lineman of the Week.

Auburn has had award winners in 10 of 11 weeks this season.

It's the fifth time Newton has won the award this year. The quarterback ran for 151 yards and two touchdowns. He also went 12-for-15 for 148 yards and two more scores.

He became the first player in SEC history to top 2,000 passing yards and 1,000 rushing yards in the same season.

Newton shared the award with South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore, who had 212 rushing yards and three touchdowns against Florida.

Berry, a senior from Antioch, Tenn., graded out at 95 percent, leading all Tigers offensive linemen. He didn't allow a sack or pressure in 73 plays.

Berry pulled and was the lead blocker on Newton's 31-yard touchdown run on the opening drive. Auburn's offense finished with 315 rushing yards, its sixth straight SEC game topping the 300-yard mark.

Here's an updated list of Auburn award winners this year:
  • QB Cam Newton: Offensive POTW against Arkansas State, South Carolina, Arkansas, LSU, Georgia
  • DT Nick Fairley: Defensive POTW against Mississippi State, D-line POTW against Louisiana-Monroe, Arkansas, LSU
  • LB Josh Bynes: Defensive POTW against Clemson
  • DT Mike Blanc: D-line POTW against South Carolina
  • PK Wes Byrum: Special teams POTW against Kentucky
  • CB Demond Washington: Special teams POTW against Ole Miss
  • RB Mike Dyer: Rookie OTW against Ole Miss
  • LG Mike Berry: O-line POTW against Georgia


Anonymous said...

Should we read anything into the SEC naming CAM as a player of the week? (i.e. future eligibility?)

Andy Bitter said...

No. He was eligible last week, so he was eligible for the award. Nothing more than that.

AUsome04 said...

When I noticed a few weeks ago that there was an award for O-lineman of the week in the SEC, I was amazed that one of our guys had won it yet. Finally, ha, ha. Great job Big Snacks Mike Berry.

Anonymous said...
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RW said...

Awesome news for these guys.

I feel I need to echo what I said about the Cam situation...someone really needs to pen an article about the ACTUAL NCAA rules on the matter. Everyone thinks they know based on a short, misleading quote by the NCAA spokeswoman. Everyone, even national news services, seem woefully misinformed. I would bet that such an article would completely change the national conversation on this issue.

MikeP said...

Nothing will change the national conversation except the NCAA coming out and making a definite statement that ends with "This issue is concluded".

In the meantime, certain individuals in the media and quasi-media are having too much fun being irresponsible.

Clint Richardson said...

AB, when the NCAA does announce whether or not Cam is elligable, how do you think they will do it? Do they call a press conference or do they just send out a report?

Andy Bitter said...

Whatever the NCAA rules, it will definitely be released in a report.

Clint Richardson said...

Everyone has noted that per NCAA rules, an ejected player in the 2nd half must miss the 1st half of the next game. What noone is mentioning is what if the player is ejected in the first half?

Andy Bitter said...

Sitting out the second half is considered the punishment in that case.

MikeP said...

Has anyone seen this? Andy? When will ESPN publicize this article from the Houston Chronicle?

I predict they won't because this one happens to be truthful and it contains actual, you know, facts.


MikeP said...

Another thing about the Houston Chronicle article I linked to above. The sources have actual names and position titles! Isn't that a novel idea?

No "anonymous sources" for that one.