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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Video: No comments, high water jeans and the no-bones-about-it best receiver in the SEC

Here's a new video from tonight's interviews. Just a heads up: it's light on Cam Newton stuff. Auburn wasn't commenting on it Wednesday night.

The video has head coach Gene Chizik, wide receivers coach Trooper Taylor, cornerbacks coach Phillip Lolley and offensive line coach Jeff Grimes. Enjoy.

And don't forget tomorrow's live chat at 3 p.m. ET/2 p.m. CT. It's sure to be a lively one.


-Ryan said...
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-Ryan said...

This should be fun... later today there is a live chat with the one and only (Person I won't Name who writes for a second rate sports site called FoxSports)

Known universally as one of Auburn's biggest fans, it seems like a good chance to show him all of the Auburn nation's appreciation for him!

Enjoy guys!

Chris Horne said...

If, like coach Taylor says, the players rag the coaches for their clothes, can one of them please tell coach Chizik that he looks like he is wearing a white Hefty bag on Saturdays? Put on a polo or a fleece, for goodness sake!