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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cecil Newton, Cam's father, calls accusations in today's ESPN.com report 'unfounded'

Cam Newton's father, Cecil, has gotten a lawyer and said he could not comment about the accusations in today's ESPN.com article suggesting a person representing his family sought $180,000 from Mississippi State for Cam's services last year.

"Unfounded," Cecil said. "We'll participate with the investigation.."

Cecil, who submitted financial documents to the NCAA about a month ago, said he found the timing of the report odd but will cooperate.

"They're going to do their due diligence and follow up," he said. "And I'm not against any investigation. But I'm here to protect my interests in this whole investigation. Myself and my family."

Cecil, who said he's been aware of the speculation that's out there, said he's spoken to Cam recently. It was a casual conversation.

He hopes it won't affect his son moving forward.

"I hope and pray it doesn't," he said. "I think he's a strong kid. He's fought back from some other insurmountable things, I guess you could say."

Auburn head coach Gene Chizik briefly addressed the situation at the beginning of his radio call-in show Thursday night.

"Here's what I can say loud and clear: Cameron Newton is eligible at Auburn University. Period. End of story," Chizik said.


ron mexico said...

Do you have any personal opinions or thoughts on the situation, Andy?

Nancy said...

SO alledgedly Cam could get a signing bonus from MSU but no one has mentioned that AU offered anything? This Rogers guys sounds like pond scum...trying to scam his old buddies at MSU.

RW said...

I hope you now see why a lot of Auburn fans have a beef with a lot of ESPN's commentators, Andy. They have dreamed up this hatchet job article full of circumstantial evidence that will probably severely hurt Cam's Heisman chances and the team's credibitlity regardless of its validity. Where is the proof here?

I hope Pat Forde gets hit by a BUS. Schlabach too.

Anonymous said...

Way to vague here. Unfounded? That is a fine and appropriate word. It is not quite the same as saying it is a complete and utter fabrication and falsehood or good ol' plain bull$#!t. And Cam is eligible? That seems a bit weak. How about innocent and this is all contrived? What a lame distraction, especially if Cam had nothing to do with it. Or is this payment thing so common and not a big deal?

Anonymous said...

This is a big deal, because without Cam we quickly become ordinary. Someone in FL is behind this.