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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Live blogging Gene Chizik's teleconference

Gene Chizik has arrived (21 minutes late). Here's what he's had to say:
  • "This week is obviously going to be imperative that we practice the right amount, rest the right amount because it's going to be a tough one in Tuscaloosa."
  • On Michael Goggans/Mike Blanc, not commenting on their status. Will talk to SEC about the situation tomorrow.
  • Still not commenting on Cam Newton situation unless it pertains to the game.
  • Hasn't had opportunity to get status update on two defensive linemen.
  • Pleased with efforts of second-year DE Nosa Eguae and Dee Ford. "Hopefully those guys will continue on that path."
  • On if he looks back at any game and feels fortunate Auburn won it. "More than one, probably. There's always times when you look back and say a little luck didn't hurt us."
  • On his defense and trying to slow offenses down: "Offenses are very explosive these days. All of us would like to have better numbers here as far as the result on paper. But we're like everybody: we're a work in progress all the time. We're trying to control these high-powered players and high-powered offenses."
  • On giving up yards to Georgia: "We knew they were going to make some of their plays. We knew we had to stop the run and we had to get the big plays under control. Did we have them under control early in the game? No. But we got better as the game went on."
  • Said DC Ted Roof does a good job of adjusting to what teams do in the first quarter and respond.
  • Auburn had 10 third-down conversions Saturday. All 10 were on Newton runs. "He's just a big part of our offense."
  • Can Chizik trust a player more? "When the game is on the line, he wants the ball in his hands."
  • On Newton's arm strength: "He makes some really incredible throws." Said the first Philip Lutzenkirchen touchdown was threaded into tight coverage.
  • Some throws are off his back foot. "You can really go through the gamut. He's really done it all at this point. He's thrown it flat-footed. He's throw it on the run. It goes back to his athleticism."
  • On Onterio McCalebb: "We feel good about giving him the ball that much. It just seems like every game, certainly in the last month, he's been able to break a big run somewhere in there." Said his perimeter running gives Auburn's running game another dimension.
  • On the bye week: "This is Iron Bowl week, so there's not a whole lot of time to rest."
  • Chizik on the strong connection between the team and the fans this year: "I just think it needs to have gone to another level."
  • On the fans sticking around last night after the game: "Unbelievable."
  • On Nick Fairley's hits against Georgia, some of which were seen as dirty: "That's not what we do here. Everything we do here is going to be great effort. Are we going to make a mistake here or there with intensive effort? Yes. But I can assure you nothing is ever done intentional to harm another player."
  • On getting Daren Bates and T'Sharvan Bell back on defense, said it was big from a depth standpoint. Got guys 20 plays less in the game. Helped them stay fresh.
  • On the onside kick that Wes Byrum recovered. "That's a hard kick and a hard recover."
  • On South Carolina winning the East. "They're a great football team. Last night they played really, really well. You can tell they went into Gainesville to win that game. They deserved to be the SEC East champs."
And that's a wrap.


Clint Richardson said...

AB. Ask Chizik what he will do about the two players who got thrown out last night please.

Does the SEC go back and look at this kind of stuff like the NFL does?

Anonymous said...

Also, ask him how awesome it feels to be awesome and have awesome players who make awesome plays.

Aeronaut said...


Should I buy my tickets to Atlanta now? I've been asking you that question since August.

Oh well. Now I can't afford Barcelona-Atlanta airfare.