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Monday, November 8, 2010

Jacobs says Newton issue not a closed matter, but expects quarterback to continue to play

Auburn athletics director Jay Jacobs spoke about Cam Newton's situation to the USA Today, saying that the school doesn't foresee any eligibility issues with its star quarterback.

"It's not a closed matter," Jacobs said. "It's still ongoing, but we look for Cam to continue to play for us."

Newton's name has been in the middle of a recruiting controversy after a report last Thursday said ex-Mississippi State player Kenny Rogers asked for $180,000 dollars from his former school during the quarterback's recruitment last year. Rogers, who the NFL Players Association has identified as a "recruiter" for one of its agents, allegedly claimed to be a representative of the Newton family interests.

Newton and his father, Cecil, have denied any wrongdoing. So has Rogers.

Jacobs said Auburn investigated the matter thoroughly this summer.

"Any of our student-athletes, if we had any questions about them, about their eligibility," Jacobs said, "we wouldn't want them to play."


Moose said...

Andy, do you see this as a sign that the situation is getting worse? As in, it may be looking (to Auburn) that Cam may not actually be eligible? Or do you think it is just more rhetoric? Thanks so much, keep up the fantastic work.

Andy Bitter said...

I don't see it as a sign of anything other than Jacobs re-iterating what he's said before. Just to a larger outlet.

From the sounds of it, Auburn addressed the issue this summer and found no reason to sit Cam out. Absent any evidence directly linking Auburn to any wrongdoing, I would imagine that will still be the case.

Matt and Leigh said...

Andy, could you write a hit peice on Theyer Evans from FoxSports.com...the dude is a joke and should take a peice out of him...I got your back!

Greg said...

Where is John Bond's proof or evidence of the allegations he's making?

All I've read is "John Bond said..."

Without any evidence, isn't this just slander or defamation?

Andy Bitter said...

That's for John Bond to deal with.

The fact that this information was passed along to the NCAA is a matter of record, though.

Matt and Leigh said...

Andy, do we know what date MSU actually passed along this information to the NCAA or the SEC?

To me if MSU notified the NCAA after Cam committed to Auburn then I wonder about the motivations of MSU. Can you confirm if they notified the NCAA before Cam committed to Auburn?

Andy Bitter said...

Probably won't find out the exact date until an official NCAA report is released to the public.

Moose said...

Any timeline for the NCAA to release any new/final information? Do you know some things that can't tell us right now?

Andy Bitter said...

No clue on the timeline. It's usually a lot of paperwork that can take a long time.

MikeP said...

I wish JJ had just said "no comment" instead of that wishy-washy statement he gave. SEC Commissioner Mike Slive gave a clear, concise statement to USA Today about not blaming people when no facts are in evidence.

JJ needs to take public relations lessons from Slive.