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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Video: Gene Chizik calls recent allegations against Cam Newton 'pure garbage'

Here's how Gene Chizik opened his press conference today.


Anonymous said...

Dang, Andy. You are on the ball today. You tweeted the highlights from the press conference and you uploaded the video of the passionate intro. Kudos!

Marmot said...

Ok, I listened and it was better than I thought. the "interview his coaches" part was pretty good. You can see why Chiz is appealing to recruits.

postermom said...

I think you should tell your editors that a reporter of your caliber deserves the finest of audio equipment.

Anonymous said...

He's good at estimating how long he talks about things. He nailed that 4-minute estimate.

Andy Bitter said...

Interesting thing about the "interview his coaches" part: he mentions Cam's Little League coach, Jr. High coach, HS coach, JC coach and Auburn coaches. Notably absent? His coaches at Florida.

Intentional on Gene's part?

WDEwg said...

How bout the fact that Chizik skipped over UF in his list of "check with the coaches". Wow. Right after the wizard behind the curtain comment. That says alot to me about what/who Chizik thinks is behind this.

Also- wasn't it Urban who berated an Orlando Sentinel reporter because he wrote disparing things about his player? And said something to the effect of "if I was his Dad, I'd be taking a swing at you right now"? Interesting how, if it is true that UM leaked this stuff- -he has trouble with folks bad mouthing his players, but he has no issue disparaging a guy that left his team. Interesting.

WDEwg said...

Sorry Andy, I was so hot to post that- -I repeated what you said. oops.

Sullivan013 said...

Anyone want to trade Gene for Turner Gill now?

Great comments by the coach. To the point, appropriate and to the heart of the matter. Let the kids play on the field and decide the games and the season there.

I like this man and his principles. War Damn Eagle, coach Chizik.