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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Newton family attorney is 'a million percent confident' Cam Newton didn't take any money

Cecil and Cam Newton's Atlanta-based attorney George Lawson spoke publicly for the first time today to Mark Winne of WSB TV today.

Lawson said had no knowledge of a pay-for-play scheme and is "a million percent confident that Cam Newton took no money from no one."

Lawson said Cam and both of his parents have spoken to the NCAA.

He was not asked about whether or not Cecil talked about money with Mississippi State boosters during his son's recruitment last year.

Here is a full transcript of Winne's interview with Lawson:
(Who are you?)
"I represent the Newton family and particularly Cam Newton."

(Has he taken money?)
"No money has been offered to Cam. Cam Newton has not asked for any money."

(Talked to NCAA?)
"Cam Newton, Cecil Newton and Jackie Newton have participated in the ongoing NCAA investigation. They have been truthful and candid with the NCAA and will continue to cooperate with the NCAA and will produce and answer any and all questions that the NCAA has for them."

(Cam didn't know?)
"I don't think there's any question that Cam knew nothing about any money discussions, if any discussions were had."

(Cecil truthful with NCAA?)
"I would suggest to you that what Cecil Newton said to the NCAA has been truthful. What Jackie Newton has been truthful. What Cam Newton has said has been truthful."

(Any infusions of cash?)
"Absolutely not. Absolutely not. They have a very modest lifestyle."

"I know nothing about an FBI investigation. I don't even know if the FBI is investigating that. I've had occasion to see probably the same thing you've seen on ESPN. That's all I know about it. "

(Academic situation at Florida?)
"Cam Newton's grades and academic standing at the University of Florida are protected matters. And to the extent that the University of Florida has violated a federal statute, I have some understanding to what the University of Florida's address is and at some point in time they'll hear from me."

(Legal action?)
"I'm not suggesting what it would be, but the University of Florida will hear from me?"

(On behalf of ...?)
"Cam Newton."

(About his records?)
"If the University of Florida has disclosed unlawfully Cam's personal and private records, then I will be talking to the University of Florida about that."

(Are those reports accurate?)
"No, they're not accurate. He's a very polished, he's a very smart young man and at this point in his life, he's a mature young man. He's much more mature than what most 21-year-olds would be with all the things he has gone through in his life."

(100 percent sure he took no money?)
"I am a million percent confident that Cam Newton took no money from no one."

(He knew nothing about solicitation?)
"I would suggest to you he knew nothing about any solicitation of any money from anyone."
UPDATE, 4:22 p.m.: Meanwhile, Kenny Rogers' lawyer, Doug Zeit told the Clarion-Ledger today that Cecil Newton solicited the money.

“We are unequivocally saying that the entire thing was solicited by Cecil Newton and, unfortunately, (Rogers) stupidly became a rubber hose and passed it along," Zeit told the paper. "That’s what (Rogers) did. (He) never asked for money, other than what Cecil Newton wanted and how he wanted it.”

Zeit said Rogers sent MSU booster Bill Bell a text message outlining the plan.

“(Rogers) said that’s what (Cecil) Newton wanted me to send and that’s what I sent,” Zeit said.


scottie burns said...

shouldn't the reporter have asked if Cecil took or solicited money instead of asking about Cam?

yes. yes he should have.

ATCVX said...

Ooh, sounds like more 'he said-he said' goodness. Where's the tapes at?? Until that or the FBI gets it on record, whatever. IMO though, it looks more like Cecil prolly did something dirty. Stupid.

Bret Moore said...

Based on what was posted at Warblogle, it seems that Cecil did something dumb then changed his mind, and they went to the NCAA and AU before committing to find out what the eligibility situation would be. He would have been ineligible at MSU, so he went to AU. So that logic goes, anyway - it sounds plausible to me. Scummy? I dunno - I mean, who offered or solicited cash first? For him to make some vague "it's going to take more than just Dan Mullen's good will to get Cam to MSU" statement, and then to jump to those turkeys trying to get money from MSU/boosters, who knows. Maybe he didn't mean money at all (probably hard to believe, but, they ultimately did not take any money - so maybe it's not that hard to believe).

clint.pattersuhn said...

Good to know their attorney is skilled in the use of double negatives. SMH.

Clint Richardson said...

Should we 'read' into the fact that he kept saying he 'would suggest' that Cecil didn't talk about money, was honest to the NCAA, etc.?

AUsome04 said...

Yo Bret, where'd you get that quote from, Cecil? ha, ha, doubt it.

The fact of the matter is this guy Rodgers has changed his story so many times that he has no credibility. This is all on Miss St not Auburn. They obviously had a pay for play initiative already set up. They felt the pressure of not landing Cam and felt like they needed to up the ante plain and simple. But no one can realisticly expect MSU to want to turn themselves in like this.

Here is what I think happened: the bammer GA geak (along with some REC backers) who came from MSU was the one who started the leak to the media about CamGate. To save face, Bond (representing MSU) tried to implement the rogue agent and former player Rodgers. Rodgers obviously said in his first interview (which reporters conveniently don't print anymore) that he knew nothing of CamGate. After lawyering up, he (& MSU) felt like it was in their best interest to try to team up and put the blame on Newton's father. Meanwhile, our team which has accomplished so much this year gets dragged through the mud.

AUsome04 said...

"this kid’s dad is going to want money"

Okay this is what AB's newspaper article says. If Bell says Rodgers says this doesn't that infer that Cecil hasn't asked for money yet?

And then Bell says Cecil would talk about money "in front of" Rodgers doesn't that imply that he was with them in a meeting?

The last piece of evidence Bell offers is a supposed conversation he had with Cecil where he says Mullen's relationship is not enough?

So boosters can talk to recruits' parents now? This sh*% gets more confusing everytime I have the courage to check an Auburn blog.

SB said...

Read between the lines on this interview and it sure sounds like they're setting up for a defense that goes something along these lines: Cecil solicited, Cam didn't know, and no money ever exchanged hands. A lot was cleverly not said in those answers.

I'm no longer hoping that the Newtons are innocent. I'm just hoping it can't be proven they're guilty!

AUsome04 said...

Wow AB, I just read your other newspaper article about our non-championship D, ha, ha.

Could somebody go out and ask the '01 Baltimore Ravens or the '03 Tampa Bay Bucs if their team was worthy of winning a Super Bowl championship because their D was superior and their O was shotty? THE last time I checked football was a team game and whoever wins has more points in the end (except in '10 Auburn's case I guess). I sat and listened to those ESPN blowhards talk about LSU's offense not being good after we beat them. Then they put up almost 500 yards on bammer. I sat and listened to the ESPN commentators rave that Oregon's D was allowed a pass because their O scored so much. But with AU it's "Oh, their defense ain't championship material because they're 11-0." lol Or "this team is nothing without the obviously illegal player CamGate." Or "those Auburn Tigers are some dirty players. They threw punches at the players of a very disciplined team Mark Richt leads."

Well, one thing I can say for sure is Auburn's defense is good enough for a SEC West Division Championship. And this year, that's saying a whole lot.

Aubiester said...

The worm has turned... Nothing to see here. Move along..

Bret Moore said...

AUsome04, Cecil doesn't infer anything by his silence, I wish that idiot would quit butchering his (presumably) native tongue. If Cecil says nothing, then Rogers infers that he wants money. Agree with you, the "quote" is dubious, but it is what everyone has latched onto to condemn the kid's dad. My only hesitation is that Cecil hasn't sued the shit out of the guy for defamation, which would be entirely within his rights - the truth of the statements (the pay for play stuff) would be an absolute defense to such a suit. Just a little funky. Maybe they can't afford to sue. But hell, surely there's plenty of AU alum lawyers in MS who'd do it pro bono. Agree your scenario seems plausible as well. Moreso than the one that the national media pushes.

Anonymous said...

More like a little less than a quarter "million" dollars!!!!


Justin said...

scottie burns --

Mark Winne didn't ask that because he either already knew the answer, or already knew that Lawson would not comment.

Winne was the one that broke the story last week that Cecil admitted to having conversations with an MSU alum about under-the-table money. He, quite purposefully, did not specify who initiated the conversations.

MikeP said...

We're right back around to a crooked ex-agent, Kenny Rogers, trying to scam some rich MSU boosters out of $180,000.
In Rogers' mind, Rogers was supposed to pick up 180k, Cam sign with MSU and nobody would be the wiser. But Cam messed up Rogers' plan and signed with Auburn.

Now, Rogers either didn't get any money or he did and some very nasty people are looking to chunk his body in a hole.

There is no factual information that disproves that scenario.

This is an MSU problem and a Kenny Rogers problem. It's not an Auburn problem, not a Cam Newton problem and not a Cecil Newton problem.

Aubiester said...

MikeP well said!!!