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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Meyer, Mullen, Chizik all on SEC teleconference

It's going on right now. Florida coach Urban Meyer just finished. Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen is at 11:30 a.m., immediately followed by Auburn coach Gene Chizik. We'll update throughout:

Urban Meyer
(Regarding the Cam Newton stories)
"I addressed recent news stories yesterday that our SID made me aware of in the early afternoon. Those stories have absolutely nothing to do with our team and preparation for South Carolina. Our entire focus is and will always be on our team. I will say, however, that I was very supportive of Cam when he left here and Cam and his family know this and we wish him all the best."
(On why he wanted to release a statement)
"I didn't. My SID thought it was important. I had no idea it was going on. Obviously we had meetings all day. I didn't want do it to be honest with you. But I felt that whatever they tell me to do, I'll do."

(Insulted by insinuations that you leaked the story?)
"Not really. I'm going to talk about South Carolina and move on."
Dan Mullen
(On the report by ESPN's Joe Schad from late Tuesday night)
"I'm much more concerned about beating Alabama."

(On on if there is anyone besides his assistant coaches who are registered as "recruiters" with the NCAA -- last night's ESPN report alleged "recruiters" were approached in the pay-for-play scheme by the Newtons)

(On the allegations surrou
nding the university)
"The No. 1 thing going on at our university, we had our starting defensive end (Nick Bell) pass away nine days ago. That has been a very tough grief situation that we've been dealing with here. We deal with the players that are involved in this program that are involved on this team. I'll be honest with you, that’s all we’re dealing with here and nothing else."
Gene Chizik
(Opening statement about Newton)
"I want to get off the table, up front, the fact that Cameron Newton will be playing Saturday against the Georgia Bulldogs.”

(Question asked about how he has to deal with Newton stories coming out every day)
I'm going to entertain all the questions that have to do with the game Saturday."

On if any backup QB has taken reps this week)
"We've prepared and focused just like every other week. Nothing's changed."


Anonymous said...

So basically the statement where he wished him the best is complete b.s.!

brian said...

andy,have you heard the rumor that he might not play this weekend?just curious

Anonymous said...

Andy, the Capstone Report is reporting that Cam will be suspended today from the NCAA.


Andy Bitter said...

That rumor has been debunked. Fitzsimmons said he never said that.

Also, it's the Capstone Report. Not the most respectable site.

Jonesy said...

never, ever, ever, ever believe one word printed on Captone Report. These are the same people that think The Auburner doesn't write satire.

Moose said...

So Andy, is it true the CGC will be holding a press conference shortly? Also, is it complete chaos where you are right now? Because news is flying off of this story now like crazy.

Anonymous said...

Andy, why haven't we heard from Slive or the SEC? I would like to hear what they have to say on it.

Jason said...

HA! Ian said on the radio "With this story, something big could happen in 3-4 hours" Some blogger spun it and the twitterverse has gone crazy. It's merely an opinion and probably regards the allegations of academic misconduct since they may be closer to finding out who leaked that and federal law can get involved there.

Anonymous said...

Why are we not hearing more about the CBS Sports story saying they have two sources from UF that actually were on that review board during the time Cam was at Florida and his name never came up or was not pending a review when he left? Everybody is slinging the dirt but ignoring the facts.

MikeP said...

Mike Slive mad a statement yesterday. Something to the effect: "Don't persecute a young man when you don't have any facts."

If the NCAA has any suspicion that Cam would not be eligible they would have told Auburn to sit him out back in AUGUST. Their policy is to err on the side of caution. Look at all the players that have been required to sit out "pending investigation". If the NCAA thought there was a chance of something wrong here Cam Newton would not have suited up for a single game this year.

Damien said...
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