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Friday, August 22, 2008

Bosley on Rimington watch list

No practice update today. Had some crazy house stuff to deal with that kept me from making it to Auburn today. Tommy Tuberville was the only person who was going to be available for post-practice interviews today, anyway. From what I've read and heard from over there this evening, it wasn't the most eventful interview session. Will be back with notes after they finish practice Sunday evening.

On a separate note, Auburn senior Jason Bosley has been placed on the watch list for the Rimington Trophy -- which is given annually to the nation's top center. Bosley is one of five SEC players on the list, one of whom is last year's winner, Arkansas' Jonathan Luigs. No player has ever been a repeat winner of the award.

Jason Bosley, Auburn
Antoine Caldwell, Alabama
Brett Helms, LSU
Jonathan Luigs, Arkansas
Josh McNeil, Tennessee

1 comment:

Acid Reign said...

.....I can't even imagine how the heck you found anything better than a cardboard box, in late August. That's probably the worst time of the year to find lodging in Auburn! You have my sympathy!

.....Good luck! Right now, I'd judge that this blog has the juiciest practice details of any, even the pay services. We Auburn nuts are loving it!