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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday observations

* Cornerback Harry Adams was helped off the field by trainers today and sat in the tent for a while until an ambulance arrived to take him away. Tommy Tuberville said Adams had the air knocked out of him in a drill and couldn't get it back, but improved afterwards.

* The offense might have won out in yesterday's scrimmage we didn't watch, but the defense dominated 11-on-11 work today. Like shut down dominated. I mentioned to Tray Blackmon after practice about how the offensive guys claimed victory from the scrimmage and he responded, "Well they took an L today," which I thought was funny.

* Speaking of Tray, he sat out the scrimmage yesterday. He said he had some bumps and bruises he was getting treatment on. But he practiced today.

* Craig Stevens made several great plays in 11-on-11.

* Ryan Pugh (eye) and Jason Bosley (back) didn't practice, leaving Tyronne Green and a few others to snap today. Tuberville said it was good to get them some reps, but there were a lot of snap issues throughout the day.

* Zach Clayton continues to be impressive in pass-rush drills. I think he's going to help them this year.

* Didn't write down every rep, but I recollect that Andrew McCain had a pretty good day blocking in pass-rush drills. Antoine Carter killed him one time, but the rest of the reps he was in for that I wrote down, he won, including riding Antonio Coleman down to the ground one time. Seemed to do a particularly good job on that one.

* Philip Pierre-Louis made a great over-the-shoulder touchdown catch in one-on-one drills. He had a chance to make a similar play in 11-on-11, but he dropped the ball. Probably would have been a TD.

* Barrett Trotter worked in for some reps in 11-on-11 work. He's been very impressive in what I've seen so far. Tuberville said Trotter and Neil Caudle are in a close battle for the No. 3 QB spot.

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