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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday practice notes

I'd imagine you're going to read a lot more about practice fights in the near future, because of the participants in today's scrape. It started out between Ryan Pugh and Antonio Coleman in pass-rush drills, but Lee Ziemba ran up in there as it continued and I don't believe it was to break it up. There were a lot of people trying to end it, including players, coaches and trainers, but it turned into a big mess and they crashed over a water cooler. When they cleared it out, Coleman was initially lying face down on the ground and was attended to by trainers. After a minute or so, he rolled over and eventually got up and was fine. He was back out practicing soon afterwards, but I know everyone watching was thinking back to the spring, when an after-the-whistle fight between Ziemba and Coleman left Coleman with a sprained neck.

Tommy Tuberville was flippant when asked about it after practice, saying he wants them ornery every day. That's not the attitude he or the coaches showed immediately after the fight cleared, though. Like Paul Rhoads said after practice, there's a good kind of aggression -- and fights sometimes happen because of that -- and then there's going over the line. I guess that's the fine line they walk every time one of these things happens. Eight times out of 10, nothing comes of it. But then you occasionally run into the broken leg or the nearly broken neck and you have to answer questions about it. What's the proper reaction to it? I'm not sure.

* Talked with Harry Adams today. He didn't get his wind knocked out the other day. He had a bruised lung and was spitting up blood -- lots of it -- after taking a hit from Antoine Carter in a tackling drill. After his ride in the ambulance, he said, he spent about five hours in the hospital, but he's OK now. He came back out to practice today after it had started and rode the stationary bike and did some light running. He expects to be back at practice soon.

* Jason Bosley was back at practice today. He did most everything except pass-rush drill, so he had a ringside seat for the brawl. Bosley, by the way, said he doesn't think there's any animosity between the offensive and defensive line and didn't think the brawl was a big deal. He said he doesn't think the back problem he had will be a continuing thing.

* Ben Tate came out after taking a big hit from Chris Evans while catching a screen pass in 11-on-11. Tate was kind of hung out to dry on that play. Evans gave him a good thud, but if he was going full-bore, he'd have taken Tate's head off. Tate and Bosley rode back to the football building in a university van after practice -- which has to be one of the top benefits of being injured.

* Robert Dunn and Mario Fannin, both with shoulder injuries, wore non-contact jerseys in practice.

* I thought Carter, Jomarcus Savage and Zach Clayton had some good reps in pass-rush drill before the brawl. Clayton's a big bull. He's been extremely impressive in those one-on-one matchups.

* This just in, Cameron Henderson is fast. Can't see him playing this year because he's way too skinny, but he's gonna be good.

* Somebody asked Tony Franklin which freshmen he sees playing this year, and he actually rattled off a couple. His responses: Eric Smith (probably), Philip Pierre-Louis (probably), Derek Winter (question mark), Darvin Adams (probably).

I've barely interacted with him, but I like Tony Franklin. You always appreciate a coach, especially a coordinator, who gets it and he does. Same thing with Paul Rhoads. Both of them spoke with the pack after practice. I think I'll probably post the Q/A with Franklin later.

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