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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday quickie

Some really interesting depth chart stuff today, leading with the beat writers' conversation with Clinton Durst, who just might be the starting punter Saturday. He literally just started punting a year ago after playing soccer in high school. That's amazing. And he's a fantastic quote. I have a feeling you'll be reading Clinton Durst's thoughts on the quarterback situation, Clinton Durst's thoughts on the freshman defensive backs, Clinton Durst's opinion on whether Paul Rhoads should rock the full beard or the goatee...pretty much whatever subject somebody needs a good quote on, it appears as though Durst might be the man. He apologized as he walked away from the pack, saying he was sorry if he wasn't good enough as an interview. I was thinking, "I don't know how you'll ever be any better."

I'll drop some highlights of that interview later, but I've got to write the story for tomorrow's paper first. Quickly, here are the big things from the first depth chart released today for Tommy Tuberville's presser:
* No change at quarterback, although my personal opinion after listening to Burns and Todd today is that Burns is going to start. Everyone continues to say no decision has been made and I believe that's likely the case. I'm just basing my opinion on body language and the way they're talking about where they are. I might be completely off base.
* Because he is "in the doghouse," Robert Dunn is currently listed as the fourth-string H receiver behind Terrell Zachery, freshman Darvin Adams and Mario Fannin. Dunn is still listed as the starting punt returner. Tuberville said he will play, but he hasn't been consistent enough at receiver lately.
* Raven Gray is going to redshirt. Tuberville said the knee simply hasn't recovered enough.
* I'm betting the same thing is in the works with Chaz Ramsey, although Tuberville didn't go that far. He just said he's still struggling.
* There are eight freshmen listed on the depth chart (Philip Pierre-Louis, Eric Smith, Adams, Derek Winter, Vance Smith, Christian Thompson, D'Antoine Hood and Neiko Thorpe). Nine if you count Harry Adams, who is listed on the second-team kickoff return unit. I'm pretty sure the first eight, plus Jomarcus Savage, will play. Not so sure about Adams.
* Neil Caudle is listed as the No. 3 quarterback. Tuberville said Barrett Trotter has played well, but Neil Caudle has earned the No. 3 spot and that it could change down the road.
* Gabe McKenzie is listed as the backup strongside DE. A.J. Greene is dealing with a hamstring issue, Tuberville said, and Savage is just coming off a shoulder injury, so Gabe's the best backup option for now, apparently.
* Thorpe and Hood are listed as the backup cornerbacks. No surprise there.
* Philip Pierre-Louis is listed as the No. 2 Z receiver and the No. 3 X receiver. Tuberville said Montez Billings is unlikely to play, so if their prediction from Sunday holds up, PPL is probably going to play more at Z Saturday.
* Tristan Davis and Eric Smith are listed as co-No. 3 running backs and Tristan is on the No. 1 kickoff return unit, but we continue to hear that he's struggling with his health. Ben Tate said he's hurting on Sunday and Brad Lester repeated that today. Said he's having serial foot issues -- although he said he doesn't think the current foot problem is the same one that plagued him last year. same foot, different problem, I believe he said. At any rate, Tuberville says he's practicing, but you have to wonder how useful he can be until he gets it together health-wise. Brad, by the way, has shaved his head bald and has a little chin beard thing going. He's a ringer for Chad Johnson right now.

OK, that wasn't quick at all. More later.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I hate to hear that Tristan is still having foot issues. He's so talented but you have to wonder at what point are they going to say maybe you should give it up. I'm pulling for him whether he ever takes the field.
How is Hawthorne looking? Also, thanks for the great job you are doing on here. War Eagle!