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Friday, August 15, 2008

Tubs post-practice rundown

I've got to get out of here to go look and try to find somewhere to live here before the sun goes down, but I'll throw out a quick recap of what Tommy Tuberville said after practice just now:

* Today was the final two-a-day workout. Said it hasn't been the toughest camp that they've had, mostly because the weather has been fairly mild. Despite that, he said they've run about 20 to 25 percent more reps in the same amount of practice because of the pace of the offense.
* He said they'll begin whittling down who they're expecting to play after tomorrow. Noted there are about 16-17 guys circled on their board that they'll have to make decisions on.
* They'll scrimmage tomorrow (closed) at the stadium. Should run about 80-100 plays, plus lots of kicking game. Estimated it would last about an hour and a half to 1:45.
* It will all be live, with the exception of some kicking game scenarios.
* Chris Todd and Kodi Burns will quarterback the first half and Barrett Trotter and Neil Caudle the second. They'll all be seeing a lot of blitzes, he said, and will work in lots of different situational scenarios.
* Ben Tate was back at practice today. Brad Lester won't scrimmage tomorrow. (TT said he has an ankle injury). Neither will Tristan Davis (foot). Nor Mario Fannin (hamstring)
* He said he's been watching the young DBs on film a lot. Believes all of them (I believe he was referring to Neiko Thorpe, D'Antoine Hood and Harry Adams) will play. On Adams, he said he wouldn't want him to play if all he was going to get was on special teams.
* Said this freshman class is probably one of the fastest ones they've had. Talked about how well Philip Pierre-Louis, Darvin Adams, Eric Smith, the DBs, Jomarcus Savage and Derrick Lykes have performed. Said Lykes is "exactly what you look for."
* Raven Gray is still struggling with fatigue because of being out with injury for so long. Same with Tez Doolittle, although he talked about how great Tez's attitude has been in coming back and how much he wants to play.

All right, that's all for now. If anyone has some advice on rental properties around here, please let me know. I've got to find something, and fast.

1 comment:

missinit said...

Great work David....you are my kind of guy.... a 'meat and tater' guy...you give us the essentials without a lot of unnecessary garnish.

With that said, I'm more worried about you than our Tigers! Please tell me you have finally found somewhere to live??? Your being homeless is getting to me.

Come on Auburn.....surely somebody knows somebody....help this guy out!!!

Good Luck....again, great work and of course,

.....War Eagle!