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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nice story + injury notes

I can't say anything terribly earth-shattering came out of today's post-practice interviews. You know what the neatest thing I heard today was?

I asked Antonio Coleman if he had any big plans for the team's day off on Saturday. I figured I'd get a little quote on taking it easy on the day off to do a note on that in a story tomorrow. But he said he's planning to go with the freshmen (who unlike the veterans will be required to go) to visit kids at Opelika's Storybook Farm. He doesn't have to do it. He said he just wants to and enjoys it. I thought that was something. You know what I do on my days off? Not a damn thing.

Here's the description of Storybook Farm from its Web site: "Storybook Farm, Inc. is an equestrian-based program offering free therapeutic care to children with chronic or terminal illnesses, disabilities and those learning to live with a loss."

That's a good thing the kids from Auburn do in going over there to visit those kids. Good for them.

* Tuberville said Tristan Davis again did not practice, but Brad Lester did.
* DL coach Don Dunn said Zach Clayton has a sprained neck, but he doesn't expect it to keep him out for an especially long period. He said he hopes Clayton will be back by the first game.
* Dunn said Jake Ricks is back practicing and had a great day today.
* WR coach Greg Knox said Mario Fannin's hamstring and shoulder are pretty much healed and he's back practicing and moving around well.
* Tuberville said Jomarcus Savage and Bart Eddins should be back to work shortly. Both ran on the side today, he said.
* Tuberville said he will host the seniors at his house tonight to talk about their time at Auburn and what they're expecting for the year. He said they'll eat steaks that he estimated to be about 2 inches thick. Said it would give them a chance to vent a little bit.

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