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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jarboe to Troy

Y'all see where Josh Jarboe is going to Troy? He was one of the top high school receivers in the country last year and signed with Oklahoma, but got himself in a little trouble before he got there. A little more after he got there, including a freestyle rap on Youtube that became a little Internet sensation. He was kicked off the team not long after that thing began making the rounds. I started to embed it in a post, but after watching it I realized my boss would have a coronary (it's got a little bad language).

Instead, here's a highlight reel of Jarboe. He's a very talented player. I know Georgia fans were excited about the possibility of him going to UGA last year before he committed to Oklahoma. I'm guessing they're glad he opted to go elsewhere, especially in light of the other disciplinary issues they've had this year. Besides, they signed two super-talented receivers this year in A.J. Green and Tavarres King anyway.

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