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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

McKenzie to DE

Gabe McKenzie has moved from tight end to defensive end. Tommy Tuberville, DEs coach Terry Price and inside WR (TE) coach Steve Ensminger talked to reporters about it after practice. McKenzie was requested, but was not made available.

Darrell Roseman has also apparently moved over to offense.

I'm going back to Columbus to write, so I'll have more on that later.


patrick said...

David, this move seems somewhat surprising. Are we that deep at tight end? Gabe has had a couple of catches here and there. What gives?

Anonymous said...

If I recall correctly, Gabe played DE in high school. Raven Gray still hasn't recovered from his knee injury and is doubtful to be playing early, so depth at strongside DE is weak. I'm guessing that the TE position doesn't need much depth due to limited playing time (compared to west coast which almost always had 1 TE in the formation and sometimes 2), and so he wouldn't be getting on the field much in the TE position.

David Ching said...

it was surprising to me, patrick, particularly with the way they've complimented gabe's improvement in preseason camp. the way they explained it is that gabe came to them and saw greater opportunity to play at defensive end. tuberville said he's got pro potential there. i think the commenter is correct that they're concerned about depth behind michael goggans, given that raven gray doesn't appear to be too close to game-ready and jomarcus savage is hurt right now. that leaves them with one strongside defensive end who can play at the level they require right now.