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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Quick observations from the morning practice

* Practice was originally supposed to be closed this morning, but it wasn't. No idea what was going on with that change. I kinda thought they might start closing it down after yesterday, which would be understandable. As long as they're open, though, I'm gonna be there and write what I see. They practiced at the football complex instead of the intramural fields and we watched from the railings with the fans who were in attendance.
* Drew Cole has moved from cornerback to safety. I spoke with him after practice about the move and will probably have something on that in tomorrow's paper.
* Wearing non-contact jerseys today: Robert Dunn, Mario Fannin, Harry Adams, Chris Evans
* Didn't see Brad Lester or Ben Tate out there
* Spoke with or listened to a ton of guys after the morning session: Don Dunn, Greg Knox, Chris Slaughter, James Swinton, Tray Blackmon, Zac Etheridge, Cole, Zach Clayton and Barrett Trotter. Should have some good stuff coming from those guys in the next few days.
* Slaughter and Swinton continue to receive a lot of praise for their performances in camp. Slaughter made a beautiful diving catch on a Kodi Burns bomb today in practice. We'll talk to Tommy Tuberville after the evening practice.

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