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Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday thoughts

Today's practice was incredibly boring...at least for me.
There was no 11-on-11. No Brad Lester, Tristan Davis or Ben Tate. It was exactly what Tommy Tuberville predicted Wednesday that it would be -- a light day.

At the end of practice, they cut watermelons and the players ate up. Oddly, some of them were trying to make sure some of us reporters there took a slice. I'm by no means against eating a nice chunk of watermelon, but they didn't bring that stuff out there for me to eat, so I didn't take any.

They practice Friday at 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. (remember I operate on eastern time) for the last two-a-day practice of the preseason. The practices will be at the football complex and are scheduled to be closed. They'll scrimmage Saturday (also closed)
and start classes on Monday -- which will be the first day off of the preseason. I can't wait. I haven't packed a dish or a stitch of clothing yet and I have to start moving very, very soon.

So with that said, I haven't got much to offer today. Spoke with Neil Caudle, D'Antoine Hood and Tommy Trott today after practice. Sat and listened to Trott talk with Jay G. Tate for a long time and really liked the kid. I'm gonna try not to steal much from that, but Jay's on the clock. Couple more days and he loses all proprietary rights to the material from his Montgomery guy. Trott looks just like former Georgia quarterback Joe Tereshinski to me. Not a dead ringer, but fairly close. It's probably the haircuts...those young cutters with their full heads of hair.

Tommy T. (right)
Joe T. (left)

Anyway, I'll head over in the morning (actually in like six hours) and we'll see what they have to say then.

Today's stories:
* Lead on Auburn's receivers
* Notebook leading with Tommy Tuberville's reaction to the new SEC 15-year deal with CBS. (Like I said, it was an extremely slow day).

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