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Friday, August 8, 2008

Quotes of the day

I've gotten a ton of material in the last couple days, so I figured what the heck, I'll post some of these quotes -- some of them I've used, some I haven't. Why not, right? I typed it all out, after all. Somebody else might as well read it.

The best one of the day wasn't spoken to me. It was from Paul Rhoads to Quindarius Carr while I was standing behind Rhoads, watching one-on-one passing drils. Carr was going against Jerraud Powers and finally got open and Chris Todd hit him for what should have been a short touchdown pass. But the ball squirted just out of Carr's hands and Powers snatched it away for an interception. It was somewhat reminiscent of last year's Iron Bowl, when Powers picked off a pass that DJ Hall bobbled in the back of the end zone.

So anyway, here's what Rhoads said, kind of laughing, to Carr:
"How does he do that?"

Here's some other stuff.
Tommy Tuberville, on tomorrow's scrimmage:
"Tomorrow will be a telling tale. You can come out here all day in (7-on-7 passing drills) and throw around and me and you can complete a lot of passes against no pressure. But when you get underneath the center and you get 11 guys over there knowing it’s full-speed, it makes a difference. So it’ll be a big test for the quarterbacks tomorrow, not just the top two, the other two. We’re looking for a No. 3 also."

Ryan Pugh, on fights in practice:
"That’s the things that you get out of the way in practice so they don’t happen in games. You don’t want to fight in games, you don’t want to fight in scrimmages. It’s something that happens in practice every day, but really flies under the radar because nobody watches practice during the season."

Paul Rhoads, on the value of tomorrow's scrimmage:
"It’s invaluable. We haven’t taken anybody to the ground once and we’ve been through eight practices. The most important trait a defense has is to be a great-tackling defense and we’ll find out tomorrow morning if we are where we should be or if we’ve still got a lot of work to do."

Robert Dunn, on whether the team is ready to go in tomorrow and run the up-tempo offense in the scrimmage with a 40-second clock:
"I feel like we’re ready. We did a whole lot of running in the offseason. Coach Yox got everybody in shape. I think he got in shape watching us get in shape. But we did a whole lot of running and everybody’s pretty much in great shape or good enough shape to go in and get three reps. We’ve got a great rotation of receivers coming in. All the way down to the third-string receivers are people that can catch in and start and we won’t miss a beat on offense. I feel like as an offense, we’ve just got to come out and just stay consistent and stay focused on taking care of all the little things. That’s what coach Franklin’s always preaching about is just taking care of all the little things. The defense is coming along real good. They’re looking better every day. We’ve got a lot of young DBs and those guys are stepping up every day. I see a lot of promise in those guys."

Chris Todd, on the quarterback competition:
"With competition, you have two choices. You can either lay down or step up and compete with it. If you look at it in the right way, when you’re competing with somebody, you’re gonna get better every day. Otherwise if you weren’t competing, you might tend to kind of get comfortable with where you’re at. So competing every day just kinda helps push both of you to make you better."

Robert Dunn, on what he wants personally and for the team from the scrimmage:
"I just want to stay consistent. I’ve been doing good since coach Franklin got here. My drop-catch rate has gone through the roof. I don’t really drop a whole lot of balls and that’s what coach Franklin loves about me – just staying consistent with catching the balls and running the routes and getting open and making the right blocks. That’s basically my main focus, just to stay consistent with everything I’m doing. And as a team, I just want the whole team, offensively and defensively, to just click and take care of the things they have to do and everybody just stay healthy."

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