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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday stories

* Lead story on Auburn punter Clinton Durst. (It's split into two pages. If you like it well enough to want to keep reading, there's a next button toward the bottom of the first page. That little blue button seems inconspicuous to me.)

* Seconday story on Auburn's first depth chart.


Anonymous said...

sowhen are you gonna tell your fellow auburn fans that you're ditching them in a couple of days to move back to athens as the sports eitor of the abh?

just so you know, many uga fns think you're a douche, hate your sarcastic & snide remarks and don't want you in athens. good luck asshole.

David Ching said...

well then i'm glad they weren't invited to the job interview.

Kyle said...


So you did accept the position at the ABH?

gra2b said...

I guess you know you are missed when people lash out at you from your previous blogs.
I have thoroughly enjoyed this blog from an AU perspective. I also, know that if you left tomorrow, it would be for many of the same reasons anybody changes jobs. I can't fault you or hold it against you. One thing I have learned the hard way is that you can't really worry about other people and their comments, unless, you are sleeping with them or they are paying your bills. From the ever present anonymous (who seems to hide from any identity sharing and refuse to stand up and be recognized whenever they have something hurtful to say) I can safely assume that this rule would apply.
I am sure it is one of the many disgruntled who is never happy no matter what, that left the comment. Never happy unless the rest of the world is miserable along with them.
Hang in there. The blog is great and regardless of your future endeavors I will enjoy this while I have it.
Lastly, to anonymous. My 12 year old son enjoys following along some of these blogs. I hate he may stumble across your response. My only light in all of this, it allows me to point out to him that there are some people out there who are miserable and enjoy bringing the rest of us down with him. Sad lesson to learn, but at least you provide a great example to drive my point home.
i am sure I will get a caustic remark from anonymous, but I refer you to the above comment,
I'm not sleeping with you and you are not paying my bills. Therefore, you are wasting your time on me.